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This is a question Neighbours

I used to live next door to a pair of elderly naturists, only finding out about their hobby when they bade me a cheerful, saggy 'Hello' while I was 25 feet up a ladder repairing the chimney. Luckily, a bush broke my fall, but the memory of a fat, naked man in an ill-fitting wig will live with me forever.

(, Thu 1 Oct 2009, 12:41)
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I've had some right wanker students next door
I need to get up for work in the morning.
They need to drink and play tunes until 5am.

I leave for work when they go to bed leaving Venetian Snares/Aphex Twin playing full volume on repeat, every speaker pointed in their direction.
I don't sleep, neither do they.
Looping one really bad song works too.
Aural warfare. Hoo-ra.
(, Thu 1 Oct 2009, 23:24, 8 replies)
You gave me a morning giggle
Click for you.
(, Thu 1 Oct 2009, 23:58, closed)
If you're leaving the house....
Buy a decent subwoofer, and try this:


If it works, it'll really ruin their morning.
(, Fri 2 Oct 2009, 2:03, closed)
Brown-note madness.
Im frightened to use the brown note.
What if I don't make it out of the house on time?
(, Fri 2 Oct 2009, 11:42, closed)
Heh.. Brown note.
Or just try one of those really high pitched tones they use to bother teenagers out of "no loitering" zones.
(, Fri 2 Oct 2009, 4:57, closed)
This was one of the reastons I lived 15 miles from the student district in my final year at university.
Except in my case, the principal offenders weren't just in the same street, one of them even lived in the same house.
(, Fri 2 Oct 2009, 20:02, closed)
Try Aggressive Perfector by Slayer.
A high pitched insistent riff at the start, and a long distinct sream at the end; loop that up and they'll go nuts.

Or, do what my neighbour accidentally did; put on the DVD of Spiderman 3, and leave it at the Menu screen. Massively irritating.
(, Sat 3 Oct 2009, 20:47, closed)
This isnt true, is it?
This is something you wish you had the balls to do, not something you have actually done. Loser.
(, Mon 5 Oct 2009, 0:28, closed)
You have insulted me sir.
(, Mon 5 Oct 2009, 13:48, closed)

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