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This is a question My Arch-nemesis

I lived in fear of a Darth Vader-esque school dinner lady who stood me perpetually at the naughty table for refusing to eat mushy peas. An ordeal made worse after I was caught spooning the accursed veg into her wellies. Who, we ask, has wrecked your life?

Thanks to Philly G for the suggestion

(, Thu 29 Apr 2010, 12:01)
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It's difficult to narrow down but..
Anyone and everyone that has ever been in a relationship with whoever I was in love with at that time.

Currently it's JR, he's never met me and he never will if i have my way. He's pretty much ruined my life.
(, Fri 30 Apr 2010, 12:56, 4 replies)
Yeah, the bastard with his rare fishing books

(, Fri 30 Apr 2010, 13:29, closed)

Either you're jealous of a friend's boyfriend?
Or you're screwing someone else's girlfriend?

Or this is some DALLAS inspired pun?

(, Fri 30 Apr 2010, 13:33, closed)

im jealous of the guy who's living with the woman i love
(, Fri 30 Apr 2010, 18:29, closed)
I misread it as meaning that you hated anyone who had previously been in a relationship with your current girlfriend.
I was about to ask if JR had a massive wang or something.

He still might do though.
(, Mon 3 May 2010, 10:00, closed)

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