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This is a question How nerdy are you?

This week Gary Gygax, co-creator of Dungeons and Dragons, died. A whole generation of pasty dice-obsessed nerds owes him big time. Me included.

So, in his honour, how nerdy were you? Are you still sunlight-averse? What are the sad little things you do that nobody else understands?

As an example, a B3ta regular who shall remain nameless told us, "I spent an entire school summer holiday getting my BBC Model B computer to produce filthy stories from an extensive database of names, nouns, adjectives, stock phrases and deviant sexual practices. It revolutionised the porn magazine dirty letter writing industry for ever.

Revel in your own nerdiness.

(, Thu 6 Mar 2008, 10:32)
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I build my own PCs...
...including this one, and this one's nnnice ;)

REPLY@SAILORSPOON - I didn't say it did, and besides, I don't subscribe to such elitism. Have a minute.
(, Tue 11 Mar 2008, 23:44, 5 replies)
since when
did that make you an ubernerd?
(, Wed 12 Mar 2008, 0:01, closed)
real men
get them in a box, from comet.
(, Wed 12 Mar 2008, 0:04, closed)
I have built many
And this latest one is the GruppenFuhrerVonBigBollocks of all PCs I has built so far, but I don't count myself as a nerd or geek. Isn't that an observation that someone else would make, anyway?
However, I did help my wifes cousins husband to get a pc working again, even putting a new hard drive in and re-installing Windows XP- all over the phone.
(, Wed 12 Mar 2008, 1:06, closed)

ay up...i can do that too...can i be a nerd canicanicanicani??
(, Wed 12 Mar 2008, 1:09, closed)
Of course.
And we shall don the glasses of geekery.
(, Thu 13 Mar 2008, 1:12, closed)

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