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This is a question Never Meet Your Heroes

They're bound to disappoint - like the time we booked Wayne Hussey for the B3ta Radio Show. Five minutes before we're due to record, Wayne
phones, lost on the M25 with his Brazilian wife screaming in the background. Not so much the King of Goth, as a hen-pecked flake.

(, Thu 25 May 2006, 14:17)
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I once (about a year or so ago) made myself look like a complete twunt in front of.... Brian (bloody) Blessed.
There I was ambling down the street minding my own business when I spotted what I thought was a tramp walking the opposite way. A big tramp with a badly knitted cardie and about 5 tescos bags. I thought to myself 'That trampy old guy looks like the legend that is Brian Blessed'. So I cunningly (and quickly) hatched a plan to see if I could get my photo taken and fool all my mates into thinking I had met Mr. Blessed.

Right. My opening line: "You look JUST like Brian Blessed".
To which I received the booming reply: " I AM Brian Blessed".
"Well done" was all I could come up with and walked away deeply shocked. I tried to hide my embarrasment by ducking into a convieniently placed newsagents only to be met with the local papers HUGE headline 'Brian Blessed plays local theatre'. I never got the chance to find out if he was a let-down or not, I kind of did that bit for him!
(, Fri 26 May 2006, 20:56, Reply)

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