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This is a question Never Meet Your Heroes

They're bound to disappoint - like the time we booked Wayne Hussey for the B3ta Radio Show. Five minutes before we're due to record, Wayne
phones, lost on the M25 with his Brazilian wife screaming in the background. Not so much the King of Goth, as a hen-pecked flake.

(, Thu 25 May 2006, 14:17)
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i finally have a story to post!
in 2001 my school went on 50/50 the kids gameshow. we were SO excited! on the bus to glasgow we were extremely nervous, being on telly and all. we got to the studios in glasgow, and expecting to be shown in to a very plush building with lots of celebrities, we were taken into a house opposite them. the food offered was jacket potatoes and muffins, the first of the bbc cheats!

finally it was time to film, and when i had watched 50/50 before i had always enjoyed it. now i wonder why. here are the things i'm pissed off at the bbc for:

*i, number 25, did not get chosen for a single game or even question
*they forced us to cheer constantly, which hurt my arms
*the presenter wasn't the one i expected, less of a celebrity
*'flynn' i think his name was, the voice, was actually a man behind a little table in plain view
*the opposing team only had 49 kids turn up, so one of ours had to make up their numbers
*then their team won

that was my claim to fame anyway, being on 50/50 and being dissapointed by the bbc - if this wasn't child slave labour then what is!?
(, Sat 27 May 2006, 22:24, Reply)

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