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This is a question I'm glad nobody saw me

Have you ever done something, realised how stupid or embarrassing it was and then looked about to see if anyone watching? Did you get away with it?

Suggested by Sandettie Light Vessel Automatic, chosen by YOU

(, Thu 27 Jan 2011, 15:49)
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My oh so hilarious phone manner
If I'm expecting a call at work or home from a friend or family, I like to answer the phone thus: "Hello, Madame Zsa's Tangerine Massage Parlour. Gervaise speaking, how may I be servicing you?" (My wife found it amusing once, ten years ago. And has regretted it ever since.)

Thing is ... sometimes it's not who I expect on the phone. Sometimes it's work or something important. And then I have to hang up. And wait for them to call back so I can pretend to be a serious grown-up rather than, say, an immature choob with the sense of humour of a not-very-funny 12-year-old.
(, Thu 27 Jan 2011, 20:46, 4 replies)
My mum, expecting a call from my dad, once answered the phone "Battersea dogs home".
My girlfriend on the other end let out a meek "sorryImusthavethewrongnumber".
(, Thu 27 Jan 2011, 21:58, closed)
My ex boss...
used to sometimes answer our work phone with 'Mojo's soul kitchen, Soho'. When the person on the other would apologise for having the wrong number he'd say 'Ain't no big thing, blood'.

We worked in a city law firm ffs.
(, Thu 27 Jan 2011, 22:32, closed)
Im 12 too
I answer "Saucy Susans Seaside Sex Romp Emporium". I never fail to find it ammusing although the same cannot be said for the rest of the family!
(, Fri 28 Jan 2011, 9:03, closed)
My colleague..
Used "Hattie's Happy Hands number 1 Massage Parlour!"
Even to the consultant doctor and head of our regional health protection unit. Who is also owner of a sense of humour, thank heavens..
(, Fri 28 Jan 2011, 19:17, closed)

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