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This is a question I'm glad nobody saw me

Have you ever done something, realised how stupid or embarrassing it was and then looked about to see if anyone watching? Did you get away with it?

Suggested by Sandettie Light Vessel Automatic, chosen by YOU

(, Thu 27 Jan 2011, 15:49)
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My mate Robert
Many years ago when we were kids he persuaded his dad to let him have an air rifle. His dad used to keep hens at the bottom of the garden and was convinced that next door's cat was half-inching baby the chicks for a mid morning snack (Yes he should have kept them in a proper chicken run with wire netting but that is another story).He told Rob "If you see that bloody cat near my hens, shoo the bugger away will you!"
Anyway, one day Rob was farting about knocking tin cans down with the said pellet gun when in strolls tiddles from next door. So he thought if he sent a pellet whizzing over it's head it would scare the damn thing half to death and it probably wouldn't bother to venture into their garden any more. So he literally shot from the hip, he did not bother to take aim, he just made sure the pellet would go in the general direction of where the cat was lurking. The cat jumped about 3 feet into the air and fell back to earth...and just stayed there motionless. Crapping himself with fear, Rob ran down to the bottom of the garden only to find that he had actually shot the bloody thing smack between the eyes! A perfect kill that the average KGB assassin would have been proud of. Talk about a fluke shot! Looking around him it appeared no one had seen the unfortunate accident so he dashed into his dad's potting shed, grabbed the nearest spade to hand and buried the unfortunate moggy where it fell, making sure it would well below normal "spade depth" if you know what I mean. For weeks afterwards his neighbour used to say to him "You have not seen our cat by any slim chance have you Robert? " Yikes!
(, Fri 28 Jan 2011, 7:47, 5 replies)
This makes me :(

(, Fri 28 Jan 2011, 7:56, closed)
My Dad did pretty much
the same thing when we were kids.

The little old lady in the house behind us had a cat that used to come in and nick goldfish out of our pond.

My Dad shot that with an air rifle, but didn't seem to do too much harm. Must have stung though, we rarely saw the cat anywhere near our garden after that.
(, Fri 28 Jan 2011, 8:29, closed)
because it managed to crawl its way back to its owner's home and died on their carpet.
(, Fri 28 Jan 2011, 9:44, closed)
Maybe I should have explained
better. When I say it didn't do too much harm, I mean it didn't do too much harm.
(, Mon 31 Jan 2011, 9:19, closed)
my guinea pig died

(, Fri 28 Jan 2011, 10:48, closed)
This is more common than you think!
Many, many, many years ago, my grandmother used to take pot-shots at cats prowling round the pond at the end of her garden, aiming for the wall about 100ft away. This is with an old 1900's German air rifle.

One day she did exactly the same - got Tiddles smack between the eyes, dropping it on the spot. She was mortified, but when I inherited the gun and was told the story I couldn't help but wonder if she's put a notch on the stock.

I keep the rifle well out of tempation's way now. Just. In. Case...

(we have cats and buns, I'd be bound to hit something fluffy if I ever fired it)
(, Fri 28 Jan 2011, 11:02, closed)

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