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This is a question I'm glad nobody saw me

Have you ever done something, realised how stupid or embarrassing it was and then looked about to see if anyone watching? Did you get away with it?

Suggested by Sandettie Light Vessel Automatic, chosen by YOU

(, Thu 27 Jan 2011, 15:49)
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Not a very
interesting one, but it does have a twist.
Many years ago during summer, I was struggling with loosening the wheelnuts on my car. During this episode, and having cursed and sworn about the fool who'd previously tightened them, my wheelbrace slipped causing me to lose quite a lot of skin from my knuckles.

I threw down the wheelbrace and started hopping around the garden 'fucking and cunting' it quite loudly.

No-one saw what I did, but the neighbours (who had not long fired up their BBQ) had to retreat into the house about 20 mins later - not because of my swearing but because it absolutely pissed down with rain. I'd clearly done a rain dance whilst nursing my injury.
(, Sun 30 Jan 2011, 21:37, 7 replies)
So, your story is 'I hurt myself, but not very badly and swore a bit'?

(, Sun 30 Jan 2011, 22:10, closed)
It's loosely about
hurting myself, and NOT being seen
(, Sun 30 Jan 2011, 22:28, closed)
Isn't that
Pretty much the titles to tv series of the hulk
(, Sun 30 Jan 2011, 23:25, closed)
is what I was going to post!
(, Mon 31 Jan 2011, 11:43, closed)
Ha, yes but
i didn't turn green, nor did my clothes end up in rags (apart from the trousers strangely)
Hulk didn't swear either.
(, Mon 31 Jan 2011, 13:05, closed)
If the wheelnuts are too tight to shift then try applying pressure on the wheelbrace using your foot rather than your hands
You should be able to shift it then.
(, Mon 31 Jan 2011, 11:43, closed)
Or slide
a pole over the end of the wheelbrace, giving greater leverage.
(, Mon 31 Jan 2011, 21:06, closed)

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