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This is a question Old stuff I still know

Our Ginger Fuhrer says that he could still code up a simple game idea in Amstrad Basic, while I'm your man if you ever need to rebuild the suspension on an Austin Allegro (1750 Equipe version). This stuff doesn't leave your mind - tell us about obsolete talents you still have.

(, Thu 30 Jun 2011, 17:04)
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A simple "back back forward"
On the Megadrive's controller when playing Raiden in Mortal Kombat (dunno which one).

It would make the character keep charging forward with some kind of horizontal headbutt.

Once you got the first one in, you'd be able to keep knocking the other opponent down every time they got to their feet. Since I didn't want to play in the first place and couldn't be bothered to learn any other button bashing combos, I did just that when playing against my brother. He used to get maaaaaaaaad.

Poor guy used to get up so early on weekend mornings to practice all the cheats he'd learnt.
(, Mon 4 Jul 2011, 14:54, 3 replies)
your brother was a damn fool
if you block Raiden's flying wotsit move, he goes spinning up in the air and you can uppercut him. I'd have whooped both your asses at MK.
(, Mon 4 Jul 2011, 15:30, closed)
Raiden way a gayer.
Sub Zero was the dude......*

* And I would have kicked all your butts.
(, Mon 4 Jul 2011, 15:46, closed)
I sometimes wanted to post

when you and Rory Lyon were having your little disagreements ;)
(, Mon 4 Jul 2011, 16:52, closed)
MK2 as Liu Kang, after beating the snot out of your opponent:

Down, towards, back, back, high kick did this:

(, Mon 4 Jul 2011, 17:55, closed)

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