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This is a question Office Christmas Parties

My office this year is having Christmas lunch. In the office. On some desks we are going to clear the monitors off. The computers underneath will keep running as we are behind on some deadlines and need to keep rendering.

OK, so some people aren't getting anything, but how Scrooge-like are your bosses when it comes to Christmas?

(, Thu 16 Dec 2004, 14:42)
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I remember...
... one year we had a new Director arrive shortly before Xmas. I happened to be taking the minutes of a board meeting when he raised the question of what the usual procedure was regarding the forthcoming Office Christmas Lunch.

"Well, usually an advance raiding party leaves at around quarter past 11 and start getting the drinks in, then everyone else leaves at mid-day. Dinner's booked for 1pm"

"And what time does it all wind up?"

"Oh, usually at around 4"

"Very good... well, make it known that I don't expect people to come back to work then unless they want to, and certainly not if they're intoxicated"



"Sir, I think you misunderstand. We're talking a.m. not p.m."
(, Thu 16 Dec 2004, 21:36, Reply)

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