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This is a question Office Christmas Parties

My office this year is having Christmas lunch. In the office. On some desks we are going to clear the monitors off. The computers underneath will keep running as we are behind on some deadlines and need to keep rendering.

OK, so some people aren't getting anything, but how Scrooge-like are your bosses when it comes to Christmas?

(, Thu 16 Dec 2004, 14:42)
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bastard boss cranberry
we dont get a party paid for or not! - we have to work right up till christmas day and we're the only ones here - cranberryy cranberry watermeloning bastard cranberry
(, Mon 20 Dec 2004, 17:03, Reply)
Not my boss but
My mate is working on a building site with a bunch of other lads - to say thanks for being able to earn £5000 a week on the current job from these low paid boys their boss organized a big Christmas do in a restaurant/bar in a nearby town. He promised them a fine dinner, free booze and a minibus to take them all there and back.

What they actually got was:
£20 behind the bar
No free food - everyone paid for their own meal
Charged £10 each for the hire of the minibus.

A call put in to the coach hire people established that their boss actually made a £60 profit on the night by overcharging for the transport.
(, Mon 20 Dec 2004, 16:53, Reply)
big fûçkin' blow out watermelon
The company I currently work in years gone by would have a big fûçkin' blow out party in some big a55ed place every year. The only true scrooges were all the chav girls who dressed up like they were Britney Spears and then turned up their noses at all the blokes. Sorry love - don't dress like that if you don't want leered at.
(, Mon 20 Dec 2004, 16:53, Reply)
This year
I am going along with the Sales manager, and my wife to the bosses house on Christmas morning, getting a bunch of presents, probably worth a few hundred quid, and having a full traditional dinner cooked by his wife, and as much booze as we want.

Not bad, but then again, I work for the family firm.
(, Mon 20 Dec 2004, 16:47, Reply)
or the work chrimbo party at the bar where I work (in ze Fatherland if you couldn't tell..) Exactly the opposite of a scrooge for a boss, free bar and all you could eat all night! And we even had the cheesey "secret santa" thing... It transpires ze germans have caught on to the english chrimbo - I got socks and a t-shirt.
Woo and Yay - who would have thought you could get completely battered on Glühwein???
Definitely no Happiness Nazis here (perhaps due to the fact that the twunts are banned here?!)
(, Mon 20 Dec 2004, 16:45, Reply)
Tight Toff Tosser 2
By the way, the same posh sod boss who lied to everyone and blamed me for organising a cheapo Xmas party, also gave me a card with a cash Xmas bonus of £10 inside. And that was the year I'd personally closed business worth over £500,000 of margin, thus keeping the company afloat. It would have been less insulting if he'd put NOTHING in the card. Still, the following year I got my wish... £700k of margin and he didn't give me a card at all! And anger management is really expensive!
(, Mon 20 Dec 2004, 16:14, Reply)
Double-Crossing No-Good Posh zeppelin
In April 2004, I left the most miserable company I've ever worked for after 3.5 years of gruelling service.

I organised the Christmas Party in 2002 and it was huge success... Nice meal at a posh hotel, followed by a suitably cheesey disco. It was the perfect mix of comfort and cliche, to make partying with a bunch of tossers almost bearable.

The following year, I was all geared up for a repeat performance, albeit at a different venue, but our posh sod of a boss discreetly asked me to organise something mega-cheap, as he'd blown the profit my team had made on one of his crackpot ventures and things were going badly.

So I found out that one of the local pubs was doing a free buffet so long as you pre-ordered some booze. "Great!" I thought, we can put on a do with food, drink and entertainment for the price of a few beers. The tight toff was very happy.

However, apparently some people in the company weren't very pleased about it being a suped-up trip to the pub when they'd been given slap-up meals in previous years, and consequently they complained to the boss. A colleague overheard, and apparently he told them it was entirely MY idea to change the format, because I'd said it was a poor use of company money to treat the staff to a nice meal when all they ever want to do is get ratted!! LYING GIT!!

Some of the longer-serving nerds still believe him over me and hate me for it!

Apologies for length. I hate being misrepresented, so wanted to put it all in context.
(, Mon 20 Dec 2004, 16:04, Reply)
Me boss expected me to work right up until christmas eve, and he only gave me half my


By the way, Bob, if you're reading this, I was the one who shat in your gf's cranberry.
(, Mon 20 Dec 2004, 15:47, Reply)
How Cares??
Our Xmas bash was a School Disco at Basingstoke Hilton, frre food not drink. Being from Middle Class stock this seemed a little on the working class side to me.
Ugly old birds dressed as school girls, saddos forced enjoyment as this the highlight of their crappy little existence. There are about 6 people in the company of 10,000 who I would go for a beer with so screw it. I would prefer them giving me £25 rather than spend it on this Chavathon.

If an employer makes you work 24/25/26th tell 'em to watermelon off and get a new job. Xmas is for drinking, eating and lauging at your old man.
(, Mon 20 Dec 2004, 15:36, Reply)
it seems most of us work for scrooge bosses/firms
lets have a watermeloning revolution, kill our evil bosses, bbq them, rape their wives, torture their children, deep fat fry their pets. then get all our mates and 'hard party' at their respective abodes paid for by the sale of their internal organs and their amex/visa/mcard. cue loud music, plenty of booze/drugs, naked women tied to posts and oh.. turkey.

is it obvious i am not happy today?
(, Mon 20 Dec 2004, 15:25, Reply)
watermeloning Yank Bosses
My company used to be great until our hollywood bosses decided to improve our company by reducing our turnover. well done cranberrys. Anyway last year we had our London branch christmas party in.... Glasgow in february to save on costs, we was told we had to pay for our own way to get there. I did not go but i was told that one had to pay for ones own drinks and no one had reserved hotel rooms, cue 30 pissed up angry londoners sleeping in the bus depot.
I put up a tree in my office this year, only a 2ft one, but the cleaner stole it. drats.
this will be the fourth year we do not get a christmas bonus or our own party, the reason being we did not hit our targets, the reason for that being said bosses who decide said targets. cranberrys. they get their bonuses though, all $200,000 worth. watermeloners.
on the plus side i am in charge of petty cash and i am off to Tesco's now with a hefty amount of £50 notes.
(, Mon 20 Dec 2004, 15:07, Reply)
A very big software firm in the North East of England
Are very scrooge-like when it comes to our (non-existant) Xmas bonus.

However, as they throw an Xmas bash which has both free food and a free bar until 2am (there's entertainment as well, but as none of it is remotely as entertaining as seeing your boss trying desperately to bag off with their staff, we'll brush over that), I find I couldn't give the faintest of shits about an Xmas bonus that I'd only spunk up a wall anyway.
(, Mon 20 Dec 2004, 14:26, Reply)
Un-Civil Service
Welcome to the Civil Service where December is just another month in the year.

This year has seen the powers that be cancel the traditional half-day on Cristmas Eve, and threaten to cancel the bonus half-day-off (for shopping).

Also, neither I, nor anyone else, can ever remember any kind of organised-and-paid-for-by-the-company XMas party, nor any kind of Xmas bonus.

They allegedly tried to stop us putting up Christmas decorations, but they backed down on that one too.
(, Mon 20 Dec 2004, 13:52, Reply)
Our Xmas party
ended up with 2 of the seniors this year rushed into hospital after getting their heads kicked in by 4 chavs.

What has cheered me up however is that in the New of the world yesterday, my ex-manager shagged Dev from Coronation Street lol

Click here for article or here for what I think about it.

Cheers up the xmas spirits to no end.
(, Mon 20 Dec 2004, 12:14, Reply)
Wimpy bar
- Many years ago, whilst working at a Wimpy franchise in Lincoln, Our boss came in on Christmas eve and made all of the staff gather round so he could distribute our christmas cards, after doing so he winked, and told us we might find a "nice surprise" inside our cards. As we were all working for about 3 pounds an hour, we got quite excited that there might be £10 or even £20 inside. As soon as he left we all opened the card, only to find a voucher which entitled us to "£250 off any Princess line cruise costing over £2000" - The icing on the cake was when I spotted that the vouchers had expired almost a year ealier. - Twunt.
(, Mon 20 Dec 2004, 11:57, Reply)
My Xmas tale of joy.
*No* extra pay for my overtime over Xmas, I have to work either Boxing day (which I can't cause of my other job, kind of my own fault there) or New Years Day (hungover, woo-cranberrying-yay), Xmas lunch is bring own food and everything, and I only narrowly avoided a dignity-nuking Fancy Dress for Charity day (thank God I'm part-time). Got a small Xmas tree though.
(, Mon 20 Dec 2004, 11:48, Reply)
our price
Working for a record shop some years ago, our christmas bonus was a CD of your choice. You had to pay for the tax on this, so it was taken out of your January wagepacket. Even if you didn't take up the generous offer of the cd, you still had to pay the tax on it
(, Mon 20 Dec 2004, 11:15, Reply)
Historical Quakers
Well, the original founders of the company I work for were Quakers. No Christmas celebrations. At all. Ever. We get a 'bonus' paid sometime in March (which this year is heading towards a massive £100). Also, the management take great pleasure in telling us that the £5000 they would have spent on our Christmas 'meal' (in the canteen, complete with dead pigeons in the extractor hoods) has been given to the local charity, so the MD can get his leering mug in the local rag...
Also, since last year they also decided to have a 'factory shutdown' between Christmas and new year, which doesn't sound bad, until you discover they've stolen OUR holiday to have the shutdown. Those of us that have no holiday remaining? No problem, they've just taken it out of next years allowance...
(, Mon 20 Dec 2004, 11:03, Reply)
I got chills...
... They're multiplying.

So this year some cretin at my place decided that the christmas bash would be a grease-style Fifties-Fairground extravaganza. Candyfloss, rifle range and for some reason streetfighter and galaga. (not quite sure where that thinking came from)

But most importantly, all the booze you could drink. So not that stingy. but it probably should have been.

Cos I work for a gov.uk-public-money-your-taxes-are-my-wages organisation.

So Happy Christmas and thanks, all, for all the booze and food last friday!

(Oh, and probably thanks for paying for one of my colleagues to get silaged enough to hit on me - although this may have destroyed my rep. So in fact, thanks a bunch, you goddamn fnucktards))
(, Mon 20 Dec 2004, 10:23, Reply)
Mingebag zeppelins
Just got in to a freezing office. zeppelin. Boss turned off the heating over the weekend. zeppelin. Must have saved 2 whole quids there. zeppelin. That'll go towards the mortgage on your second house. zeppelin. Now he says we've got to come to work betwen xmas & new year. zeppelin. That's really warmed my festive heart you zeppelin.
(, Mon 20 Dec 2004, 10:14, Reply)
christmas ain't comin
we just bought a new house, and must move into it by jan. first. easy, right? well, only 11 days left, and we must complete:
two bathroom remodels
removing/replacing about 100 ft of windows
installing a full kitchen
and paint
and then move in

maximum work team of four, normal team of three. there's going to be some cold nights. and christmas stuff we do at our current house will just equal time and another mess to clean up in the midst of moving, so christmas is completely scrapped, and i couldn't be happier, aside from the fact that i get to wake up everyday and work. which would be in less than 6 hours now. watermelon.
(, Mon 20 Dec 2004, 9:48, Reply)
you only get a christmas present at Sony if you've been there a year.

I've been here 6 months. Tight cranberrys.


turns out they've changed it this year to... 6 months, sadly I still miss out by two watermeloning days. watermelon sake.
(, Mon 20 Dec 2004, 9:34, Reply)
Erm. Well. Sort of Scrooge like.
I used to work for a construction company, maybe 5 or so years ago.

It was hard work, we all "knocked our pans in".

There were subbies (the joiners (carpenters for the Englishly challenged) sparks (electricians) painters and plumbers) but they were paid by the job.

So the night out was for the 40 or so people that ran the company, the people that told the peons what to do.


We went to Gleneagles for the night out (if you don't know what Gleneagles is, erm, yer either in the colonies or you're stupid). And that was fine.

And the drink was free*

Except you had to sign for it.

And they didn't do spirits my the measure.

So if you wanted a rum and coke, you signed for a bottle of rum.

So, can you imagine getting the receipt for an ENTIRE BOTTLE OF SPIRITS when you'd just asked for a dark rum and coke.

So, signing for anywhere between £3.50 and £35 a drink......it gives you the shakes.
(, Mon 20 Dec 2004, 2:55, Reply)
Im 17 in a month..
And on christmas eve, christmas day, and all new years eve i'll be working. I dont even get a christmas bonus. No party, nothing. The management got a party. free meal, free drinks the lot. Most of the staff get nothing. Im too young for this shit!
(, Mon 20 Dec 2004, 2:54, Reply)
Multinational Scrooge
My Father-in-law's office had their party the other day, and all of the staff got a message wishing them a merry christmas. The managers got a message saying that the party would start at 1:30, someone had to stay in each department to "man the phones" (no voicemail?), and that everyone was to be back at their desks NO LATER than 2:15.

(, Mon 20 Dec 2004, 1:43, Reply)
It just gets better
my boss has got the receivers in just before xmas, I had handed my notice in a month ago I only had to give 2 weeks but throughtfully gave 4 weeks (what a nice employee I am I thought at the time) now it would appear I won't be getting the 25 days holiday money the owe me for some months just a couple of weeks pay - I hope his mistress give him the clap and rips him off entirely (once I have had my money)
(, Mon 20 Dec 2004, 1:39, Reply)
everyone seems to be posting their terrible xmas hours...
So check this out. Without telling me my boss has got me working xmas eve, boxing day, new years eve and new years day.
Not only that but its double shifts too.
Not only that but i work in a pub so i have to watch other people have a good time.
Not only that but ive worked out that my 'bonus' doesnt even come to double pay.
Not only that but the pub is really short staffed as many people are going home to see their families for xmas which means i have to do these shifts alone. (apparently because i still live with family i cant 'go see them for xmas'.

Tomorrow im planning on telling my boss i wont be in and he can go to hell. I'll update this if anything happens.

Edit: im fired
(, Sun 19 Dec 2004, 23:03, Reply)
My happiness-Nazi is 20 years old and, technically, my boss. Which makes it rankle even more, although supposedly we're a "meritocracy" so his vast experience in the field makes up for his complete lack of empathy for people who hate shite Christmas music.

So I guess you're definitely not the Ken I know. Which is just as well, because he's as thick as pigshit and slower than really cold tar. He also thinks it's okay for our "boss" to yell at us since "that's just his way".
(, Sun 19 Dec 2004, 23:01, Reply)
warning to ALL bar staff
punch + pizza = lots of puke!
(, Sun 19 Dec 2004, 22:30, Reply)
Xmas party
I used to work for a large assurance company. The first year ALL the staff got advent calendars, mince pies, box of heros and a bottle of wine. AND a large themed party with the local bus company taking us there and back - which was good i thought.
The second year we got NOTHING as they didn't want to waste anymore money. So what did they do instead that year? a large free fireworks display was organised instead. O.K. not so bad but the year after that we got no fireworks, no party or little treats!
(, Sun 19 Dec 2004, 22:23, Reply)

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