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This is a question Office Christmas Parties

My office this year is having Christmas lunch. In the office. On some desks we are going to clear the monitors off. The computers underneath will keep running as we are behind on some deadlines and need to keep rendering.

OK, so some people aren't getting anything, but how Scrooge-like are your bosses when it comes to Christmas?

(, Thu 16 Dec 2004, 14:42)
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Scrooge-like warden
I'm a student so I don't have a boss as such, but when I was a first-year living in halls on campus we were supposed to be kept in check by a resident warden.
In a bout of first-year randomness, myself and a friend on a neighbouring corridor had erected a string telephone between our rooms (we were on the first floor in a kind of L-shaped building). I had the (seemingly) genius idea of using this string as the basis for a huge Merry Christmas banner.
After a truly soul-crushing search for the necessary materials, spending an inordinate amount of effort, and suffering almost dangerous sleep deprivation and great physical hardship (the details of how this banner was constructed are almost comically horrific, but I can't make this post any longer than it's going to be already) we achieved the following... A complete loss of faith in the idea of any kind of 'Christmas spirit' in the universe, a rather unpleasant feeling animosity towards each other (and ourselves), and this banner (also available in stupidly high resolution)

We'd put ourselves through a lot, but the first person (of many) I saw look up at the banner and smile (actually, look up with a 'WTF?' face then breaking into a smile) made it all worthwhile and filled me with a warm glow inside.
So when the warden for our halls drove up an hour later and said 'No, I'm not having that, you've got to take it down.' it came as something of a kick in the teeth... Bastard.

Actually this story has a bit of a happy ending, our own Sub-Warden (in charge of just our block) loved the banner and let us keep it up until just before the warden returned that afternoon.
(, Tue 21 Dec 2004, 17:13, Reply)

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