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(, Sun 1 Apr 2001, 1:00)
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His moustache alone ought to make him employable
as what, I'm not quite sure.

I should keep my job because I'm working my fucking balls off at the minute. I highly doubt I'd be fired as then the entire lab would be totally boned as there's already too much work for the people we've got; they genuinely couldn't cope without me.

I really like the new Band of Skulls single, 'Bruises'. However the rest of their output I found to be distinctly average. Shame.
(, Thu 23 Feb 2012, 14:17, Reply)
As the new face of Phileas Fogg crisps, that's what.
How are you today, ma'am?

My old, old pal went out with the bassist from Band of Skulls until they became 'big'. They are from Southampton (unless I am mixing them up with some other cunts). They supported the Black Keys last week but we missed them due to public transport woes. Never heard them myself.
(, Thu 23 Feb 2012, 14:20, Reply)
Shite, mainly
but thank you for asking. How about you?

EDIT - and yes, I believe they are from Southampton. Indie pop. I doubt you'd approve.
(, Thu 23 Feb 2012, 14:23, Reply)
Sore throat but OKish. Paid tomorrow, not that this makes shit-all difference to me.
I wish last Saturday was on again this weekend.
(, Thu 23 Feb 2012, 14:31, Reply)
I hear you
I have to wait til Tuesday for mine, but by this time next week I daresay I will doubtless be skint again.
(, Thu 23 Feb 2012, 14:33, Reply)
Do they not pay you boffins well then?

(, Thu 23 Feb 2012, 14:35, Reply)
We had this conversation at about 3am on Sunday morning
no, they do not.
(, Thu 23 Feb 2012, 14:38, Reply)
That's right. I told you about my mate that lives in Texas.
I was a bit messed up.
(, Thu 23 Feb 2012, 14:43, Reply)
And even armed with that info
Stunned was still unable to make you an attractive offer.
(, Thu 23 Feb 2012, 15:18, Reply)
fuck, no
we have to whore ourselves out just to keep the lab in pipette tips.
(, Thu 23 Feb 2012, 14:41, Reply)
Schedule something in the diary then.
My wife is away from the 10th to the 24th of March.
(, Thu 23 Feb 2012, 14:40, Reply)
Do it before the 15th as I am on holiday after that. ;-)

(, Thu 23 Feb 2012, 14:44, Reply)
16th it is then.
Saturday 10th? Here?
(, Thu 23 Feb 2012, 14:46, Reply)
Looks suitably pretentious
I am not wearing a stupid pork pie hat though.
(, Thu 23 Feb 2012, 14:50, Reply)
This is the same place that you asked me a few weeks ago when were going there

(, Thu 23 Feb 2012, 14:52, Reply)
And when you told me about the art gallery before Xmas.
(, Thu 23 Feb 2012, 14:53, Reply)
I am in Iceland 12-15th I think

(, Thu 23 Feb 2012, 14:48, Reply)

(, Thu 23 Feb 2012, 14:49, Reply)
Providing I am not with my daughter I'm there.
I shall check my calendar and get back to ya.
(, Thu 23 Feb 2012, 14:53, Reply)

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