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Are you a QOTWer? Do you want to start a thread that isn't a direct answer to the current QOTW? Then this place, gentle poster, is your friend.

(, Sun 1 Apr 2001, 1:00)
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Late entry for the "accidental innuendo"...
I needed cat litter, among other groceries. So I wrote an abbreviated shopping list on the back of my hand.

Thus is was that I wandered around sporting the word "c.lit". And it took me ages to locate, too.

Oh, well.
(, Thu 3 Jul 2008, 9:42, 13 replies, latest was 3 years ago)
cooked dinner
for 4 tonight. v healthy, low-fat veggie curry, quite tasty but ultimately bulky as full of about 8,000,000 different vegetables. and chickpeas. round, roll-y little chickpeas.

however, there were actually only 2 of us to eat it. so lots of leftovers.

tried to put the massive full plate of curry in the fridge. i have a beautiful retro pink smeg fab to go in my sleek dark grey, glass table and stripped wooden floored kitchen. oh and some lovely pale pink plates.

yeah. not any more. somehow i did the spakkerdance just putting the plate on the shelf. there are pieces of plate and fucking chickpeas EVERYWHERE. the fridge looks as if a giant chucked up in it. it's running down the freezer door. it's all over my formerly shiny floor.

and... worst of all... (she says as she was so distressed and flappy that her flatmate got out of bed to clean it all up) i BROKE MY BEAUTIFUL PLATE. i am a complete and utter wankpot.

has anyone else done anything this stupid today??
(, Thu 3 Jul 2008, 0:30, 21 replies, latest was 1 year ago)
It's been interesting reading
what other people have done with their lives, degree or not.


Film and media studies with video production BA Hons. Where has it got me?

Two years at the BBC in the news editing department, then two years at Blockbuster video head office, wine buyer for M&S and slacker at Lush cosmetics. Now a trainee veterinary nurse earning roughly about the same as I did before I started my degree but with huge career prospects and I look forward to going into work each day.
(, Wed 2 Jul 2008, 22:13, 48 replies, latest was 11 years ago)
I really want to start a new thread.

Here's my contribution.

(Dire I know, but I can blame it on the menopause or something).
(, Wed 2 Jul 2008, 21:17, 6 replies, latest was 11 years ago)
Éire go Brách!
May I ask, ever so politely, who came up with the image/logo for today's image challenge?

Methinks a wee history lesson may be necessary...

Ceart ó mícheart?
(, Wed 2 Jul 2008, 21:17, 3 replies, latest was 16 years ago)
Probably already been asked
but what happens if you click *I like this* on this new board?
(, Wed 2 Jul 2008, 17:30, 9 replies, latest was 16 years ago)
My guilty pleasure
Cycling my bike in a circle round a pack of chavs.
(, Wed 2 Jul 2008, 16:39, 1 reply, 11 months ago)
Since we're all putting photos up
you now all have the pleasure of a lightly photoshopped (to add contrast and glow, not to make me not a candidate for mingers.com) me to look at in my profile. Um... yay?
(, Wed 2 Jul 2008, 15:55, 64 replies, latest was 16 years ago)
Can I get a high five?!
I am not technical AT ALL but have managed to put not one, not two, but THREE photos on my profile.
Damn I'm proud of myself right now.
(, Wed 2 Jul 2008, 15:24, 13 replies, latest was 16 years ago)
So if /talk tells us to piss off back to the QOTW
does that mean we get to return the favor if they're in here? Or should we just be fluffeh and add them to our already swelling Ignore lists?
(, Wed 2 Jul 2008, 14:55, 66 replies, latest was 1 year ago)
It's like /talk for kittens.
(, Wed 2 Jul 2008, 14:55, 1 reply, 16 years ago)
I feel a bit lost now
Quick someone create a giant thread so I feel at home.

Or I could go do some work I guess ,)
(, Wed 2 Jul 2008, 14:44, 117 replies, latest was 16 years ago)
Just like Gunther below, I'd like to thank whoever it was that recommended Hooverphonic to me the other week in the music thread...I think it was The Supreme Crow.

I've downloaded their discography...very good, very good indeed.

I also have b3ta to thank for Cat Power - not the relentless drive of felines to take over the world, but rather the lovely lady singer.

Great stuff.
(, Wed 2 Jul 2008, 14:14, Reply)
Completely off topic but
is there going to be a new actor playing dr who?
(, Wed 2 Jul 2008, 14:10, 15 replies, latest was 1 year ago)
Death & the Penguin
Not trying to revive an old subject, but want to thank whoever recommended the above during the "This Book..." QOTW.

Truly one of the best books I've read for a long time... not life changing, but brilliant.
(, Wed 2 Jul 2008, 12:57, 8 replies, latest was 3 years ago)
I posted this on the main board, but I reckon it's prolly more at home here.
From the Beeb news site:

William's Ship Seizes Drugs Haul
Prince William's warship, HMS Iron Duke, has seized cocaine valued at £40m, in the West Indies, the Ministry of Defence has said.

The prince is spending five weeks on board the frigate as it patrols the North Atlantic.

Sources at Kensington Palace say that Prince Harry is "inconsolably disappointed".
(, Wed 2 Jul 2008, 12:26, 3 replies, latest was 5 years ago)
Would it be off topic
...to say that so far, this thread is a disappointment?
(, Wed 2 Jul 2008, 12:09, 8 replies, latest was 1 year ago)
*loves Rob a big huggy bunch for doing this*
I'm waiting in allllll day today for Argos to come and take Mr Maladicta's broken bike back, and am absolutely delighted to see Rob's done this :) especially as /talk are usually cunts to anyone who isn't a regular on there.

Um... entertain me?
(, Wed 2 Jul 2008, 11:50, 25 replies, latest was 1 year ago)
I used to hang out with A listers
Well, mainly Z-listers in reality. I'd go to all the crazy parties and meet all the new novelty chart acts.

It wasn't long until I met a true intellectual equal and while all the other party guests were on the laughing candy, I argued long and hard about the need for a good LBW defense stroke, the triviality of Tolkien, the genius of Presidents Bush & Bush. Yes, that one from the Cheeky Girls was truly my perfect woman.

We started seeing each other in more formal occasions outside of the Soho set and before long I was going on double dates with her twin sister and her bloke. It would happen too frequently as it turned out eventually stifling our relationship.

Yes folks, my love suffered as a result of Oft Opik.

w00t my first punnage.
(, Wed 2 Jul 2008, 11:20, 1 reply, 16 years ago)
I'm supposed to be on a time mangement course

I was late, the guy taking it didn't think it was funny.


What other old school sayings like sourpuss do you wish were more prevelant in todays lol/text speak society?
(, Wed 2 Jul 2008, 11:14, 4 replies, latest was 2 years ago)
I hate them.

Stems back to when I was a mere nipper going fishing - I'd mislaid a rod rest and went trekking back across the horse infested field looking for it - no joy. On my way back, one of the foul creatures looked at me, so I jokingly asked where it had hidden the rod rest. Fecker ran up and bit me.

Having said I hate them - they do taste damn good...

Um..is that off topic enough?
(, Wed 2 Jul 2008, 11:13, 4 replies, latest was 2 years ago)
Ooh, a place to vent
The Faint are coming to London! I am very excited!
(, Wed 2 Jul 2008, 11:13, 7 replies, latest was 1 year ago)
This is amazing
Good work Rob!
(, Wed 2 Jul 2008, 11:09, 6 replies, latest was 4 years ago)
is a good idea.

Except that it's going to result in even lower productivity for me, as it's another browser tab for me to check....

(, Wed 2 Jul 2008, 11:06, 10 replies, latest was 3 years ago)
I used to love chocolate - stuffed my face with it
but now it makes me sick. Especially when it's mixed with hazelnut.

I guess you could say I'm 'off topic'

(, Wed 2 Jul 2008, 11:04, 9 replies, latest was 1 year ago)
Talking of off topic...
(, Wed 2 Jul 2008, 11:03, 21 replies, latest was 11 months ago)
First post!
In your face Kaol (or whoever normally gets it)
(, Wed 2 Jul 2008, 11:02, 100 replies, latest was 5 weeks ago)

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