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This is a question That's me on TV!

Hotdog asks: Ever been on TV? I once managed to "accidentally" knock Ant (but not Dec) over live on the box.

We last asked this in 2004, but we know you've sabotaged more telly since then

(, Thu 11 Jun 2009, 11:08)
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Son of a gun
First timer and all that so I'll have to remember to make the obligitary crack about the length of this post in relation to my penis.

Anyway it was after an Ireland game, can't for the life of me remember who against but long story short ( it wasn't really a long story ) we'd won 2-0 I believe and one Robbie Keane had banged one in.

As we left I was acosted by a woman in a extremely low cut top with camera man and microphone in tow who wanted my opinion on the game. I leaned in close as she asked me my feelings on the game and did that thing where you kind of lean you head down only to realise I had a quite fantastic view of a quite fantastic pair of tits.

I then to my eternal shame / sheer proudness took a deep breath looked in first at her tits then into the camera before motorboating those big breasts for Ireland.

I was quickly shoved away by a furious camera man and some other guy who I hadn't noticed before. Police took me to one side and it took all my wit and drunken apologies for them not to arrest me I think.

In retrospect I'm sure it never made tv and I didn't even recognise what channel she was from which makes this slightly null and void. But still it was damn close to being a moment in television history.

Apologies to you brunette with large boobies if you read this, but I regret nothing.
(, Thu 11 Jun 2009, 23:17, 5 replies)
This must win
I think I shall actually cry if it doesn't.
(, Fri 12 Jun 2009, 0:43, closed)
You hero.
That is all. *click*
(, Fri 12 Jun 2009, 7:22, closed)
Spectacular form.
(, Fri 12 Jun 2009, 8:29, closed)
To be fair
it was the only real option open to you, mate

(, Fri 12 Jun 2009, 12:46, closed)
let there be footage of this out somewhere!!

(, Tue 16 Jun 2009, 14:58, closed)

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