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This is a question PE Lessons

For some they may have been the highlight of the school week, but all we remember is a never-ending series of punishments involving inappropriate nudity and climbing up ropes until you wet yourself.

Tell us about your PE lessons and the psychotics who taught them.

(, Thu 19 Nov 2009, 17:36)
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A wee pearoast to start....
2nd year PE.....

We were playing rugby.

A large, speccy, nerdy type received a pass. He spotted a gap amid the throng of juvenile bodies, and hit the accelerator. This was going to be his big moment - a try of all things! He was no longer going to be a nerd, but a sporting legend!

Strangely his opponents appeared somewhat reticent in tackling him, and he ploughed on towards the try line.

What he had failed to realise was that his cock had flopped out of his shorts as he bombed towards the aghast defensive line, scaring the bejesus out of all before him. No wonder no one attempted to 'tackle' him.
(, Fri 20 Nov 2009, 10:13, 7 replies)
Apologies if this is a dumb question but I'm all new on this thing. What, please, is a pearoast?
(, Fri 20 Nov 2009, 10:28, closed)
A repost
is referred to as a pearoast. Just a bit of spoonerism you see.

I've posted this story in response to a previous question of the week.

Welcome to QOTW!
(, Fri 20 Nov 2009, 10:35, closed)
I seeeeeeee
Fanks very much
(, Wed 25 Nov 2009, 11:13, closed)
don't worry about it
it took me ages to find out what a TOAP was.
(, Fri 20 Nov 2009, 11:07, closed)
Don't worry
Somebody will gaz you to let you know.
(, Fri 20 Nov 2009, 11:38, closed)
You just
made me spray my keyboard *his cock had flopped out of his shorts*
(, Fri 20 Nov 2009, 11:52, closed)
really made me laugh!
(, Fri 20 Nov 2009, 13:10, closed)

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