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This is a question Pet Peeves

What makes you angry? Get it off your chest so we can laugh at your impotent rage.

(, Thu 1 May 2008, 23:12)
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Thank god I no longer have to deal with them anymore, but one company I worked for had so many engineers with MBAs that I swear the word "robust" was uttered every ten to fifteen seconds in that building, interspersed with "value-added". (What the fuck does that mean, anyway? And is there a "value-depleted" to balance things?)

I swear, if I ever get in charge of a company I'll immediately fire anyone with MBA after their name. (Masters degree in Business Administration, if you didn't know.)
(, Wed 7 May 2008, 21:56, 2 replies)
Value added
Value added means a carrying out or completing a process that adds value to the part or parts it is being carried out on. For instance, changing a piece of metal into a bar that can be used to make something adds value, but leaving it lying about in a warehouse does not add value.

Never heard of value depleted, just things that don't add value. I suppose breaking it would reduce the value though.

p.s I don't do business administration, I'm hope to be one of those there engineers.
(, Wed 7 May 2008, 22:29, closed)
Hang 'em all I say...those MBA toting spacktards.

We have several lovely trees in front of our courthouse. I'm sure I could scare up some rope for you as well. You know, for when you take over.
(, Thu 8 May 2008, 3:58, closed)

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