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This is a question Political Correctness Gone Mad

Freddy Woo writes: "I once worked on an animation to help highlight the issues homeless people face in winter. The client was happy with the work, then a note came back that the ethnic mix of the characters were wrong. These were cartoon characters. They weren't meant to be ethnically anything, but we were forced to make one of them brown, at the cost of about 10k to the charity. This is how your donations are spent. Wisely as you can see."

How has PC affected you? (Please add your own tales - not five-year-old news stories cut-and-pasted from other websites)

(, Thu 22 Nov 2007, 10:20)
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We are banned from useing the word...
..."abort". As in to "Abort the transaction" or "Abort the install".

Apparently "abort" is offensive to Americans as it reminds them of "abortion".

(, Fri 23 Nov 2007, 16:17, 6 replies)
There's nothing wrong with ignoring a rule that's patently bats...
(, Fri 23 Nov 2007, 16:23, closed)
What about zee Churmans?
Our Teutonic chums might also have something to say...
(, Fri 23 Nov 2007, 16:28, closed)
Speaking for myself
As an American - if it makes you feel comfortable, by all means say it. I dont have an issue for it. I dont know how NASA would handle things if something got screwed up as they tend to scream that when something goes wrong.
(, Fri 23 Nov 2007, 16:32, closed)
Yeah, well...
..."Thanksgiving" reminds me of slaughtering the only people who offered help, and then stealing their land so we could build a McDonald's on it in years to come.

Perhaps we should ask they they refrain from using this awful, racist, violent phrase.

Good day, America.

(BTW, my girlfriend is a Merkin, before I am villified as a Merkinphobe).
(, Fri 23 Nov 2007, 16:54, closed)
If we want to talk about...
stolen land from native peoples, wouldnt the UK have a greater toll to pay?

Besides - there were never any native people in North/ South America - they came over the land bridge from Asia.
(, Sat 24 Nov 2007, 2:26, closed)
Yeah but
We eventually gave it back... *brushes Australia and NZ under the carpet* =)
(, Sat 24 Nov 2007, 18:06, closed)

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