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This is a question Presents

What are you buying your loved ones this Christmas? We're looking for inspiration and reckon a big share-a-thon of ideas will help everyone buy better gifts this year.

BTW: If your family reads B3ta and you're worried about giving the game away then tell us what you bought last Christmas.

(, Thu 26 Nov 2009, 12:34)
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Mum: a box of Thorntons and a bottle of decent single malt.

My best mate: we're going halves on a bottle of Jack Daniels Master Distiller (£120/bottle) which, after decanting a miniature each for our respective parents, we shall proceed to get shitfaced on together.

Local barman: a copy of the AC/DC back catalogue, burnt to DVD.

Everyone else: gentlemens agreement to buy each other a pint.

Seems to work bloody well.
(, Fri 27 Nov 2009, 9:37, 4 replies)
jd !
or you could just drink some decent bourbon !
(, Fri 27 Nov 2009, 11:28, closed)
Or drink some decent scotch.

(, Fri 27 Nov 2009, 13:25, closed)
we do that anyway.
Christmas (or more precisely, new year) merely serves as an excuse to act on the "ooh, £120 for a bottle of JD....wonder if its any good?" thought thats been going through our heads every time we've seen it for the last few months.
(, Fri 27 Nov 2009, 15:09, closed)
Hopefully you won't be too drunk to appreciate where your hard-earned has gone.
"The first in a new series of special commemorative edition bottlings Jack Daniel's have produced for their legions of fans. This has a nice picture of the man himself on the bottle and comes in an exciting leatherette box.

£100.00 inc. VAT (£86.96 ex. VAT)"
(, Sun 29 Nov 2009, 23:03, closed)

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