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This is a question Public Nudity

Naked people in public never ends well. Ever let your dangly bits go on show? Ever witnessed something dreadful?

Suggested by Spanish Fly

(, Thu 17 Jul 2014, 14:19)
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When I was 17 years old my freind had an 18th birthday party at centre parks
his mum was fairly well off so had booked a load of us into the nicer appartments there, after many drinking games I found myself naked running down a corridor generally being a teenage twat, where I ran into his mother. I then went back into the appartment and discovered one of our mates had larryed out and gone to bed at about 9pm. At the time, being drunk , and with altered perception, I thought it would be funny to jump upon him naked to wake him up. I ran into the room and launched myself towards him. In a death defying leap I managed to clear the bed and hammer my head through the pint glass on the bedside table, smashing it and lodging the base of it into my forehead. I am told after that I pulled out the glass, wrapped my head up and carried on being a complete drunken dick, but I have no memory past lodging the thing into my cranium.
I awoke in the morning to the sound of the chambermaid knocking the door. I looked down to my left where I saw a towel on the floor literally dripping with blood, and the worst headache ever.
(, Fri 18 Jul 2014, 16:11, 6 replies)
is that why you're a mong now or is that genetic?

(, Fri 18 Jul 2014, 16:19, closed)
I think its this, combined with the other times ive caved my head in

(, Fri 18 Jul 2014, 16:27, closed)
top internet hard man'ning

(, Fri 18 Jul 2014, 16:38, closed)
Actually, why do I never find drunken male teens running around naked and in need of 'medical'
(, Fri 18 Jul 2014, 16:59, closed)
Because they see you first?

(, Fri 18 Jul 2014, 17:09, closed)
Yeah, I should follow your advice and sit down the park at dusk in my genuine SAS night gear with night vision and wait for the lonely straggler.

(, Fri 18 Jul 2014, 18:41, closed)

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