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This is a question Public Nudity

Naked people in public never ends well. Ever let your dangly bits go on show? Ever witnessed something dreadful?

Suggested by Spanish Fly

(, Thu 17 Jul 2014, 14:19)
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A Thank You Jesus! moment
Highway 20. Northern Cascades. Out of Winthrop WA, heading west. Nothing but big tree boonies for 104 miles (165 km). Pretty, but boring drive. Following a very small clutch of cars. One of which filled with nubile cuties.

75 miles along, the cutie filled car pulls ahead. Not 3 minutes later it is stopped at the side. Forest has been logged off, clear cut to the ankles, left and right, for at least a quarter mile. One cutie beating feet for the distant tree line. Just as we pull up to the 3 o'clock position, she stops no more than 100 yards out, drops trou revealing an eye-searingly quick flash of apple-ass cheeks, and cops a squat for a piss.

Banged a Morse tune on the car horn just for her in gratitude. So hoping I embarrassed hell out of her.
(, Sat 19 Jul 2014, 5:04, 5 replies)
I'm surprised it's taken so long for the creepy rapey posts to start.

(, Sat 19 Jul 2014, 7:10, closed)
Did they ever really stop?

(, Sat 19 Jul 2014, 9:24, closed)
I meant specifically in this question

(, Sat 19 Jul 2014, 11:05, closed)
I once saw my nana have a piss. High five?
Was quite sad in actuality. We had a new toilet waiting to be installed. It was sat in the hallway. Obviously not plumbed in. The Alzheimer's meant that she didn't question why this toilet was out in the hallway or why it still had plastic protective covering on parts of it.

But still... Saw a woman do a piss! Still counts right ?
(, Sat 19 Jul 2014, 10:45, closed)
This is exactly
What Jesus' message was all about.

"Look upon the fruits of the Lord my child."

And verily did Jesus get sent down a 10 stretch...
(, Mon 21 Jul 2014, 12:40, closed)

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