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This is a question Devastating Put-Downs

Amorous Badger says: I once saw a former manager of mine being asked to 'sit down and let your mouth have a chance to speak' by his senior. What's the best heckle/putdown/riposte you've ever seen? (Hint: Recycled 'Your mum' jokes does not make an answer)

(, Thu 24 Nov 2011, 15:15)
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Stupid Englishman
after about 30 minutes of an Englishman gallantly fighting a losing battle of wits against a Welshwoman about the relative merits of their countries...

Stupid Englishman - Well then, if Wales is so great, why are you working in England? Why don't you fuck off home?

Welshwoman - No work there in my area :(

SE - Ha ha ha ha, see, Wales is so shit you have to come here to get a job .... *looks smug* .... So what do you do then?

WW- I work with people with learning difficulties!
(, Fri 25 Nov 2011, 17:46, closed)
I tell you what I like about Wales
It's all the "WTF" news stories the nation provides on the BBC website. Hopeless sad cases cutting their own cocks off all over the shop.
(, Fri 25 Nov 2011, 18:05, closed)
yes it's a growing industry...and we're a charitable lot
we know how much they are needed across the's the least we can do for the poor bastards :(
(, Fri 25 Nov 2011, 18:10, closed)
Oh! I'd always wonders where Liddell cocktail sausages came from.

(, Fri 25 Nov 2011, 18:30, closed)
They're donated Welsh clits...
..but I am impressed that you have Liddells in your area. Is that Lidl's for the people who have bought their council houses ?
(, Fri 25 Nov 2011, 18:58, closed)
angry Welshman is angry

(, Sun 27 Nov 2011, 7:53, closed)

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