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This is a question The thing I've been most ashamed of doing with a penis

Confess. Female b3tans may need to improvise.

(, Thu 12 Mar 2009, 12:13)
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Exposing my rash...
One year, my friends and I went on a short camping trip to Abersoch, Wales. All was going well and we started mingling with a female group of friends who had the same idea of a weekend away in the sun (or not).

With not much else to do in the empty field we all headed to the beach. We were having a kick around on the wet sand with all the boys doing their best to show off their best Brazilian skills and all the girls either joining in or attempting to catch the suns rays.

On the walk back up to the tents, well and truly knackered from all that running, I noticed a stinging sensation in my pants and after a subtle dip of my hand to investigate I found clumps of sand underneath my foreskin, uncomfortable but not in too much pain I carried on the walk not letting on to anyone my current situation and trying my best not to waddle like John Wayne.

When I got back to the tent I examined thoroughly my now bright red bell end and became quite worried. I wasn’t bothered with the redness all over but more with the strange bumps that had arose like when a cartoon character gets hit on the head, and it had became a hell of a lot more painful. I called my mates inside the tent for a second opinion (what a friends for?) and when I whipped it out they all recoiled back with a hiss as if they felt my pain. “G” my bestest pal in the whole wide world reached out to feel the contours on my lumpy manpiece and as he does, all the girls burst in to let us know the BBQ was ready. Cue 6 boys, one with his pants down turning round like rabbits in headlights.

I’m standing there in our 8 man tent with all my 5 mates bent over within a few inches of my penis, examining it in much detail and with "G" stroking it with his little finger…

We didn’t get any that weekend. Well, except my painful mini-stroke wank off my best mate, does that count?

Definite apologies for length…
(, Tue 17 Mar 2009, 16:18, 2 replies)
Aaaah, Abersoch
You weren't at Nant-Y-Big were you? By Porth Ceriad?
(, Wed 18 Mar 2009, 11:12, closed)
I say Abersoch...
... but it was actually a few miles away, closer to Morfa Nefyn in a quaint little village called LLangwnadl. Abersoch is just the place people know. I've stayed in Porth Ceriad though, very nice!
(, Wed 18 Mar 2009, 12:28, closed)

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