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This is a question The thing I've been most ashamed of doing with a penis

Confess. Female b3tans may need to improvise.

(, Thu 12 Mar 2009, 12:13)
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more detail on my Mrs Thatcher story
I once rubbed my belly banana all over Mrs T's new spectacles before packaging t5hem up and posting to her Opticians. When I posted this story first, some months back, a request was made for more info.

My Friend Steve was the owner of an Opticians in the general area of Kensington. I was the National Sales Manager of a large Spectacle lens supplier. For obvious reasons I can't be more specific.
Steve told me how The Evil old hag had persuaded him to open late for her to visit for test and new specs. He bitched that this meant he didn't get home to Swindon until stupid o'clock, and the value of specs was not sufficient to cover his costs in staffing the place for the extra 2 hours.

Upon reciept of the frames, just before the cut lenses were fitted into them, in front of the glazing dept I rubbed my pride and joy all over they would be cleaned special attention was paid to the area on the inside of the rim which the fitted lens would cover and prevent from de-smegging.

Steve giggled upon telling the tale, and it has been worth a pint or two over the years.

length? its more of a grower than a shower.
(, Tue 17 Mar 2009, 18:32, 3 replies)
Two things....
One - where is the shame? and two- makes you wonder how many gallons of piss and spit and other bodily fluids she's unwittingly consumed due to other disgruntled workers in the service sector.
(, Tue 17 Mar 2009, 18:37, closed)
just noticed the lack of sense in the 2nd to last bit. Had to go and fit some smeg-free specs to someone, and lost the plot
(, Tue 17 Mar 2009, 20:02, closed)
I applaud this
When I'm running the country I'm going to have you personally summoned to No 10 to accept an MBE.
(, Wed 18 Mar 2009, 10:56, closed)

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