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This is a question Rock and Roll Stories

My personal Spinal Tap moment came when we got locked into the Festival Hall in London by accident. We ended up wandering the maze of backstage corridors carrying a three foot high piece of cheese looking for the one door that would lead us to salvation.

What goes on tour may stay on tour, but B3ta doesn't count. Tell us everything.

(, Thu 29 Jun 2006, 13:47)
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Orchestral tours
You probably think classical musicians are genteel types, right?


In my youth orchestra, we went on an annual tour. On the last day of this tour, there would be an award ceremony. Many of these awards were named after legendary past members of the orchestra, the most prestigious of which was "The Gavin Crook Award for Projectile Vomiting".

Gavin Crook played the trombone and was on his very first tour at the tender age of thirteen. On the way back from a concert, vicious quantities of beer were being consumed on the coach as usual, and Gavin, bless his little cotton socks, wasn't feeling too well.

Now, as you're probably aware, the toilets on a coach are usually situated about halfway, leaving a gap of a fair few metres between the toilet and the windscreen.

As little Gavin staggered to the toilet, the coach had to do an emergency stop. The impressive force with which the contents of his stomach made their way back into the world, coupled with the conservation of momentum, meant that he managed to chunder onto the windscreen from a range of about ten metres.
(, Wed 5 Jul 2006, 15:29, Reply)

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