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This is a question Rubbish Towns

I once went to Basildon. It was closed, I got chased by a bunch of knuckle-dragged yobs until I was lost in a maze of concrete alleyways and got food poisoning off pie. Tell us about the awful places you've visited or have your home.

Thanks to SpankyHanky for the suggestion

(, Thu 29 Oct 2009, 11:07)
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fucking place.

actually it's not so much the town or the people as the fact that they divert you off through shirley when they close the m42 or is it the m6 for some completely non-essential work that necessitates 112 miles of cones without a road worker in sight and thus divert you through shirley at 2am in a stream of standstill traffic that makes you wonder where the fuck they have all come from how can so many people need to travel through shirley at 2am on a friday night/saturday morning until you realise that they are in fact people just like you who actually started their journey at 9am the previous day but have been stuck in shirley ever since in that traffic jam that crawling tedious slow painful knackering petrol burning traffic jam that makes you want to stab yourself to death with the cones just so that you have something to DO.

so, yeah. shirley.
(, Thu 29 Oct 2009, 11:55, 7 replies)
Blew my mind the first time I drove on the M42 on my way oop north, for Shirley is also a suburb in Southampton. They don't have a midlands accent in our Shirley, but it's still not the nicest place on earth.
(, Thu 29 Oct 2009, 12:48, closed)
Shirley not
Sorry, sorry..
(, Thu 29 Oct 2009, 13:11, closed)
*nods knowingly*
bastard Shirley...
(, Thu 29 Oct 2009, 18:32, closed)
I have been to both of those Shirleys
And I live in another one in Croydon.

In rank order I'd say:

Shirley in Southampton- worst. Bugger to get there and nothing of any use except the hospital which says a lot if you know SGH.

Shirley in Birmingham- did a choir weekend there, it was quite fun. Never been stuck in a traffic jam there. I did not love it. I did not hate it. I wouldn't move there. Especially now I know about the traffic.

Shirley in Croydon where I actually live- best. Except Shrublands which is shit but I don't live there. Rest of it is nice (mostly). Lots of win as is easy to get to Proper London and also has a Tesco Express.
(, Thu 29 Oct 2009, 20:46, closed)
Southampton's Shirley
Has one good side and one bad, handily divided by the high street. Go the Freemantle side and you're fucked. Go the Hill Road side and you have a chance of surviving, unless you head past the old Saints ground area towards the city centre and go to the estate. Then, I refer you to my earlier statement about fuckage. Of which you will be. (This is very specific, because my sister used to live on Arthur Road and not one of my family died as a result of visiting her there.)
(, Wed 4 Nov 2009, 16:27, closed)
Thankfully not too close to Solihull
(, Thu 29 Oct 2009, 23:09, closed)
Birmingham Shirley in its defence
has a Chinese restaurant called 'The Shirley Temple'.
(, Mon 2 Nov 2009, 23:25, closed)

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