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This is a question Scary Neighbours

My immediate neighbours are lovely. But the next house down from that? Crimminy biscuits - he's a 70 year old taxi driver who loves to tell me at length about the people he's put in hospital and how Soho is "run by Maltese ponces." How scary are your neighbours?

(, Thu 25 Aug 2005, 13:20)
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Scary neighbor kid and the lawnmower guy
There is a boy about my age who lives down the road who I was always forbidden to play with. I never knew why until one day all the neighborhood kids were out playing as happy neighborhood kids do. Out of nowhere this kid appears and begins hurling rocks at us and shouting lots of words that we'd never heard before (our parents weren't pleased when we later repeated them).

Fast forward a few years, cue me and best friend/neighbor entertaining another of our friends at her house. We see strange neighbor kid wandering around in the street outside, lots of "Oh God, that kid is so weird!", explanations to the other friend, and giggling at the kid bobbing his head and singing along to the music in his headphones.

Our giggling fun was soon ruined by the discovery that the headphones weren't connected to anything. He was twirling the loose end about and dancing like a spazoid. We promptly locked the door and shut the curtains.

About two years ago a new neighbor moved into a house on the corner. We first suspected something was awry when we saw him mowing his lawn with one of those huge ride-on lawnmowers.

Only his lawn was only about three square yards. Max.

On Satudays the entire neighborhood would be serenaded to The Lion Sleeps Tonight blasted through his stereo from about 10 in the morning until about 4 in the afternoon.

And the bastard cut down all of the lovely blackberry bushes on my property while I was away on vacation because "they were growing into his garage" 20 feet away. I don't give him any blackberry pies now.
(, Sun 28 Aug 2005, 0:57, Reply)

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