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This is a question School Assemblies

Our school assemblies were often presided over by the local vicar, who once warned us of the dreadful dangers of mixing with "Rods and Mockers". One of the cool teachers laughed. Tell us about mad headteachers and assemblies gone wrong.

Inspired by the mighty @Rhodri on Twitter

(, Thu 13 Jun 2013, 12:43)
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They called him Sog
it was our very first assembly in infant school and one poor unfortunate kid got caught short & wet himself. And Because we were five and had no vocabulary or imaginations he earned the wonderful nickname Soggy Bum.

Thing is it stuck right through school by junior school he'd embraced it (by then it was just Soggy or Sog). I'd tell my mum I was going to Soggy's house she'd know who I meant, even the teachers called him Soggy.

I bumped into him years later "oh hi So...." I stopped what was his name? I can't call a 30 year old Soggy can I? I must know his name they called it out in the register every bloody day
He was looking at me smirking "It's Robert you Plum but if it makes you feel better you can call me Sog"
(, Fri 14 Jun 2013, 9:45, 3 replies)
I'm curious as to how you got your nickname Plum.

(, Fri 14 Jun 2013, 11:06, closed)
nah calling people a plum is a common insult
you plum
(, Fri 14 Jun 2013, 11:22, closed)
In my day we didn't discriminate
plum, apple or banana, it didn't matter, they were all fruits.
(, Fri 14 Jun 2013, 13:12, closed)

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