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This is a question Inflated Self-Importance

Amorous Badger asks: Tell us tales of people who have a high opinion of themselves. Jumped-up officials, the mad old bloke who runs the Neighbourhood Watch like it's a military operation, Colonel Blimps, pompous bastards and people stuck up their own arse.

(, Thu 24 Jan 2013, 12:22)
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I'm feeling some inflated self-importance now.
Remember how I went off in a huff a few months ago, saying that the QotW will probably die if the trolls keep going?
(, Tue 29 Jan 2013, 5:28, 19 replies)
Buckle your seatbelt.
We're in for a heck of a ride.
(, Tue 29 Jan 2013, 5:34, closed)
Battered went awol a bit as well.
So he's either your comedy account or your book was a bit hard for him to read.
(, Tue 29 Jan 2013, 5:53, closed)
I haven't been anywhere
Apart from the naughty step a couple of times.
(, Tue 29 Jan 2013, 7:53, closed)
It's mostly shit puns now.
Isn't that what you wanted?
(, Tue 29 Jan 2013, 7:15, closed)
Oooh, a nice little hand grenade there.
It's not even February yet, and so far in 2013, Australia has endured massive bushfires and floods, huge property damage and a few deaths.

But, upon reading this post, I feel a strange sense of foreboding...all these antipodean natural disasters will pale in comparison to the impending replies when our UK cousins awake in a few hours time and discover...apeloverage has returned!
(, Tue 29 Jan 2013, 7:30, closed)
Over here in the west our premier
has even threatened to block supply on the GST if any free advertising of apeloverage's book by Battered happens.

Srs bznss!

On a serious note.
I know you're mostly north of the wet, I hope you and yours are safe Ken. I've got a couple of friends in BrisVegas and Surfers. They got wet feet but that's about it.
(, Tue 29 Jan 2013, 8:17, closed)
All good here
Spent some time in Tassie over Xmas, helping my sister install a firefighting pump on her farm. She was evacuated twice, as the fires came a bit close. She lost two horses, didn't have time to move them, just happened so quickly. Spent the night in the ute, down the road. Returned to her house the first time to find 2 local scum looting her house in her absence. Put a shot into their tailgate as they sped away. Fucking pricks.

Came home to Brisbane, Hurricane passed through, a few trees down, power off for a while, but no real damage. Not half as bad as last time.
(, Tue 29 Jan 2013, 11:07, closed)
It'll probably be a resounding 'meh.'

(, Tue 29 Jan 2013, 13:05, closed)
All is saved!
(, Tue 29 Jan 2013, 7:52, closed)
Had you gone? I hadn't noticed.

(, Tue 29 Jan 2013, 7:56, closed)
Apers m'boy!
Glad to see you back!
(, Tue 29 Jan 2013, 8:53, closed)
Another of the old guard returns!

(, Tue 29 Jan 2013, 13:58, closed)
It's this kind of civility that ruining QOTW
Cup of tea anyone?
(, Wed 30 Jan 2013, 5:33, closed)

I haven’t been as happy to see someone since the gas man found me on the kitchen floor, after I’d had a fall.

Four days sitting in an ever expanding puddle of my own waste. It was very funny. I thought I’d broken my hip but I was just sitting on a cheese grater.
(, Tue 29 Jan 2013, 9:31, closed)
Sorry, who are you?

(, Tue 29 Jan 2013, 9:43, closed)

(, Tue 29 Jan 2013, 9:56, closed)
And it's still here?

(, Tue 29 Jan 2013, 10:05, closed)
I suspect this is his point.

(, Tue 29 Jan 2013, 14:08, closed)
What, that he was wrong?

(, Tue 29 Jan 2013, 14:13, closed)

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