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This is a question Self-Inflicted injuries

Spanishfly asks: Ever injured yourself in a moment of frustration? When have you ever done something stupid or sensible that has ended up with you injured? Punched an Asda sign because they didn't have tiger bread? Yeah, us too

This isn't a question about intentional self-harm

(, Thu 28 Nov 2013, 13:06)
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I quite often make 'things'...
...and over the years, I've made a few MAME cabinets - the second to last resulted in a broken toe.
I'd actually sat and designed this one, rather than my usual MO of grabbing bits of wood and welting them together, and decided that instead of a hinged door on the back (which would result in my not being able to have the machine backed up against a wall), that I would have two spikes on the bottom of the 'door' that slotted into slots with bolts at the top, so if I needed to get inside the thing, I could simply undo the bolts and slip the door out.
I was at the point where I was going to put trolley wheels on the bottom of it and as it was a sunny day, decided to drag the whole thing outside and rest it on the garden table while I put the wheels on.
Now, a box that size made of chipboard and MDF weighs quite a bit; as I was struggling to lift it I had a brainwave!
The 'door' was probably adding 15-20% of the weight, so why don't I simply unbolt it and take it off. Being impatient, I undid one of the bolts. My DIY skills being as shite as they are, this meant that all the weight was now hinged on one bolt - it didn't hold. The door fell and one of the aforementioned spikes went straight through my shoe and through my big toe, smashing it to bits.
After I'd stopped screaming obscenities at the top of my voice, I still had to finish the bloody thing. I put on a flip-flop, as this was now the only footwear that would actually fit and went back out to finish the job. I picked up the door and laid it on my bench to fix the now ripped off bolt...and knocked a screwdriver which rolled round, fell off the bench and straight on top of my broken toe.
I've now made a smaller, more 'house-friendly' version that weighs about 10% of that one.
Bloody retro gaming.
(, Mon 2 Dec 2013, 9:20, 5 replies)
MAME cabinets, surely you have a youtube channel and a blog?

(, Mon 2 Dec 2013, 9:38, closed)
Afraid not...

(, Mon 2 Dec 2013, 14:14, closed)

(, Mon 2 Dec 2013, 14:40, closed)
I think it's something to hold
all his dolls/action figures/RPG figures.
Some people take longer to grow up.
(, Tue 3 Dec 2013, 2:32, closed)
So, you could say you were maimed by...
Crap, no, forget it that's appalling.
(, Mon 2 Dec 2013, 14:28, closed)

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