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This is a question Sexism

Freddie Woo tells us: Despite being a well rounded modern man I think women are best off getting married and having a few kids else they'll be absolutely miserable come middle age.

What views do you have that are probably sexist that you believe are true?

(, Sun 27 Dec 2009, 12:23)
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I've watched most of "Sex and the City" ...
... and quite enjoyed it. I thought it was quite wise about women and their blind spots - sexist as it might be to say so. The funniest running joke, to me, was the complaint about how "there are no good men". Well, as 2 of the 4 women discovered, there are good men, they just don't look like "Mr. Big", or wear "good man" badges.

Something the series only touched on, but which I have seen for myself, is the passivity of women when it comes to choosing a mate. It's left up to the bloke to make all the moves, which means that the selection process favours men who are aggressive. Doesn't matter what his character is like - it's the modern equivalent of cavemen knocking women over the head and dragging them off by their hair. Then, later, when the guy is aggressive in other ways, it's "oh, men are such bastards"! No, ladies, not all men, just the ones who make all the moves and "always get what they want". If you don't want shit from men, don't take shit from men - and put some thought in to the kind of guy you want, rather than fall for the first guy to tickle your tonsils.
(, Sat 2 Jan 2010, 21:06, 2 replies)
Fine, but...
If a woman chases after a man, she's seen as desperate, damaged or just mental. If she "Doesn't put up with any shit from men", surely this includes deleting phone numbers, refusing to talk to, and just walking away from the man in question...

What's the difference between that and "Playing hard to get" passivity?
I'm only asking because I didn't get that memo either...

Edit. Just for Clarity
(, Sun 3 Jan 2010, 17:10, closed)
I figure if a women pursues or makes the first move with a man
and he sees her as mental or desperate, then that's a clear sign to her that he's a dickhead and wasn't worth it in the first place.
(, Tue 5 Jan 2010, 6:02, closed)

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