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This is a question Sex Toys

Lanternchikk asks "How about a vibrant and stimulating discussion on sex toys?" What do you use to get off, and has it ever gone wrong? And yes, we've heard that urban myth, thank you.

(, Thu 17 May 2012, 11:33)
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Just when you think you've seen it all
I once had the dubious pleasure of seeing a collection of Japanese sex toys. The one that sticks in the mind was a severed foot, hacked off at the ankle, complete with torn flesh and blood dribbles. The idea was that you pulled out the protruding stump of leg bone, and fucked the resulting hole...
(, Tue 22 May 2012, 11:44, 5 replies)
Surely that's a bit of a short-sighted purchase, or are you supposed to keep it in the freezer between 'sessions'?

(, Tue 22 May 2012, 11:45, closed)
one foot in the grave!
(, Tue 22 May 2012, 11:47, closed)
That sounds fun.
I'd give it a go.
(, Tue 22 May 2012, 11:48, closed)
Severed appendages cannot give informed consent.
(, Tue 22 May 2012, 11:51, closed)
Yes, but
Nor do they expect co expensive dinner first.
(, Tue 22 May 2012, 16:46, closed)

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