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This is a question Shit Holidays

Camping on a dried-up river bed, we discovered when it rained during the night and half of our equipment and clothes were already most of the way to the Irish Sea why you shouldn't camp on a dried-up riverbed. Tell us about crappy holidays.

Suggested by Zuowon

(, Fri 15 Aug 2014, 10:32)
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Never again, never ever again.
I was like travelling back in time except with a lot more poverty.
(, Tue 19 Aug 2014, 21:34, 49 replies)
Never again???
I was in Romania just last year, and it was super (and super-inexpensive). Great food; lots of fresh and pickled vegetables, lovely sausages, etc.

And wild bears! In Europe! What's not to like?
(, Tue 19 Aug 2014, 21:54, closed)
And vampires.
And gypsies.
And orphanages that are like Victorian zoos were.
"For only 1 American Dollar you can beat this orphan TO DEATH! Sir. Nobody will know. Nobody will CARE! 200 American Dollars and you can lock the doors and burn orphanage to the ground. Only 5 American Dollars for popcorn and marshmallows and 10 American Dollars for beers while you sit back and watch. And while you do that, for only 3 American Dollars more, this beautiful 18 year old virgin will give you the best blow-job of your life. GUARANTEED! If you don't like, for 5 American Dollars more you can borrow Nagant pistol and shoot her IN FACE! Or for 10 American Dollars watch her being eaten by wolves.
(, Wed 20 Aug 2014, 1:05, closed)
Damn, I LOVED Romania.

(, Wed 20 Aug 2014, 1:05, closed)
Could have just gone to north london
Romanians fucking everywhere
(, Wed 20 Aug 2014, 9:18, closed)

(, Wed 20 Aug 2014, 11:08, closed)

(, Wed 20 Aug 2014, 13:16, closed)
hows it going?

(, Wed 20 Aug 2014, 13:29, closed)
I live in North London, and I simply can't move for fucking Romanians. Wish they'd get a room.
(, Wed 20 Aug 2014, 12:49, closed)
You should holiday in Lowestoft. You'd get the same experience, for far less.

(, Wed 20 Aug 2014, 21:22, closed)
Went there
for new year in 2012 - fucking brilliant
(, Wed 20 Aug 2014, 22:25, closed)

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