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(, Thu 9 Sep 2004, 18:01)
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This guy walks into a brothel, and being a bit strapped for cashe, and damn horny, he walks up to the woman in charge and demands the cheapest whore in the place.

The woman, obviously feeling sorry for his shabby clothes, says "I'm really sorry but there's only really one girl I can give you but she has a slight medical issue.".

"Oh?" says the man, "Whats that?"

"Well!" says the woman, "She has a slight problem, in that she can't get lubricated down there".

The man, obviously desparate, says "I'll take her" and heads upstairs, into the prozzie's chamber.

He's shagging her for about a minute or so and he has to stop as it's tearing the skin right off his knob.

"Listen dear! Is there anything you can do? Maybe a little KY, a little vaseline, a little margerine even"

The woman pops off into the bathroom and comes back 10 minutes later.

They start again and this time it's the warmest, wettest, sweetest sex he's ever had

Lying on the bed afterwards he asked what she used.

"Nothing" said the woman, "I just picked the scabs and let the puss run"
(, Thu 9 Sep 2004, 20:01, Reply)

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