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This is a question World's Sickest Joke

Tell us your jokes.

(, Thu 9 Sep 2004, 18:01)
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I'm a master :)

what did the Deaf Dumb Blind girl get for xmas?

Whats the best thing about fucking 28yr olds?
there are 20 of them

Whats the best thing about shagging an 8 year old girl?
You can roll her over and pretend its an 8 year old boy.

A man takes his girl home one night and decides that this would be a great day to have sex with her for the first time. SO hand in hand they go upstairs and get in to bed. As he starts to slide his cock in to her she screams "AAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!". WHAT THE FUCK says the man and rushes to the toilet to get his KY Jelly. coming back he slaps a bit on and proceeds to start poking again. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHARRRRRRRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!". For fucks sake says the man and dishes on the whole tube of KY. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGG" GODAMMIT says the man and proceeds to get every wet thing he can find in the house - toothpaste, mustard, ketchup, cooking oiletc and slaps it ALL on. As he tries to bone her again she yells "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGHHHHH thats fucking excruciating!!!!"
- "wow" said the man "thats a big word for a 5 year old"

I thank you
I am available for bahmitzphas and funerals
(, Sat 11 Sep 2004, 16:59, Reply)

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