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(, Thu 9 Sep 2004, 18:01)
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Can't be bothered to check if it's been posted...
This gay guy named Nigel is totally in love with his doctor. Much to the doctor's chagrin he makes an appointment at least three times a week with imagined illnesses and the doctor sends him away telling him not to come back unless he's really sick.

So one day Nigel goes to the doctor and when the doctor sees him he says,

"Oh God no, what is it this time Nigel?"

Nigel replies in a very mincing tone, "I seem to have gotten something stuck up my back door"

Doctor: "Oh Jesus, why me? Alright pull down your pants and bend over."

Nigel obliges and the doctor has a look, "Oh shit, there's definitely something up there, it looks like a stick..........a stick with thorns on it...........there's more than one, oh this is disgust.......there's heaps of them!"

The doctor grabs some forceps and finally gets hold of everything stuck in there and, shocked, pulls a dozen roses out of Nigel's arsehole.

Nigel, still bending over, looks back at the doctor and squeals "Go on, read the card, READ THE CARD!"
(, Tue 13 Dec 2005, 23:14, Reply)

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