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This is a question Your first cigarette

To be honest, inhaling the fumes from some burning leaves isn't the most natural thing in the world.
Tell us about the first time. Where, when, and who were you trying to show off to?

Or, if you've never tried a cigarette, tell us something interesting on the subject of smoking.

Personally, I've never ever smoked a cigarette. Lung damage from pneumonia put me off.

(, Wed 19 Mar 2008, 18:49)
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I can still remember the date.
It was May 26th 1995. I will always remember it as it was the day after a major car crash round the corner from my house in which 6 teenagers were killed. Christopher Peacock from London Tonight was doing a report when me and a friend were walking up to the shop to get some sweets. One our way we found an unopened packet of cigarettes on the floor, Silk Cuts they were!

We pocketed them and went to the woods that afternoon where we proceeded to smoke all of them between us. We were very very ill.

It was only a few years later, when I remembered this that it dawned on me that the cigarettes were so close to the car, and so covered in dirt, that it is entirely possible that they came from the wreckage of the vehicle. It still slightly disturbs me to this day....
(, Wed 19 Mar 2008, 19:29, 5 replies)
I don't know Christopher Peacock from his news reports
but from people emailing him in for the Funny Name Corner bit in the newsletter - Chris Peacock.
(, Wed 19 Mar 2008, 19:32, closed)
Ha ha ha!
He was very good :)

Ill find a video for you....
(, Wed 19 Mar 2008, 21:33, closed)
put it like this
whoever owned them, if they'd been in that wreck, they wouldn't be needing them anymore
(, Thu 20 Mar 2008, 13:18, closed)
My thoughts too.
Smoking Kills kids!
(, Thu 20 Mar 2008, 16:08, closed)
And Rob,
heres the fella, I cant find any video of him Im afraid....

(, Thu 20 Mar 2008, 16:11, closed)

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