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This is a question Social Media Meltdowns

Ever said something you've regretted on the internet? Seen somebody make an arse of themselves? Know somebody who posts first and asks questions later? Dob them in to us, the internet police. (We last did this five years ago before Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook really took off, so now's the time for an update)

Thanks to Benny Blanco from the Bronx for the suggestion

(, Thu 20 Jun 2013, 15:00)
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My friend 'Rob' (which actually is his name, I'm going for the double bluff) suffered an unfortunate sequence of events that led him to hint in his Facebook update that he was going to kill himself. His girlfriend had left him, his Crohn's disease was flaring like the sun, and worst of all he was a Proper Ginga. Born that way.
The hints of suicide started about 2AM, grew steadily more blatant, and around 5AM he swallowed a mixture of massive and legal drugs, and signed off with a quote. "Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish!"
Amidst the worried messages was this priceless gem:
"It's 'So long, and thanks for all the fish.' Get it right."
(, Thu 20 Jun 2013, 16:28, 6 replies)
office lols here
and clicked
(, Thu 20 Jun 2013, 16:38, closed)
What a useless cunt, I hope the workmen made a typo or two on his headstone.

(, Thu 20 Jun 2013, 16:48, closed)
He survived it. Sadly.
I woke up at six, saw my text messages, went round, broke in, slapped him awake and kept him awake. He'd kept his massive drugs so long the potency had mostly worn off, I think.
Then I Fraped him and changed his password. Had to be done.
(, Thu 20 Jun 2013, 16:53, closed)

like this?
(, Fri 21 Jun 2013, 9:42, closed)
it's great to have a winner so early on

(, Thu 20 Jun 2013, 16:49, closed)
Good stuff.

(, Thu 20 Jun 2013, 16:59, closed)

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