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This is a question Singing the wrong words

There's a grand tradition of singing the wrong words to jingles, hymns and the dreaded school songs. Or maybe you have a corporate anthem too cheesy for words? Tell us the alternate words you and your friends sang so that we can too.

(, Thu 27 Jan 2005, 10:02)
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Not so much of a song as a brain-washing masonic chant

when I was an ickle six year old and livinging in good old blighty I had a 'Boyfriend' called Richard. When we moved to america (came back when I was nine) I had to say the 'Pledge of Allegence' on a friday. And for the whole 3 years I lived there I said
'the Republic for Richard stands, one Nation under God, invisible,'
To finish, Americans brainwash their children with minless patriotism that they're too young to understand. If Proff Moustache Winston has shown us anything it's that five year olds don't KNOW what country they live in.
(, Thu 27 Jan 2005, 12:11, Reply)

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