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This is a question Singing the wrong words

There's a grand tradition of singing the wrong words to jingles, hymns and the dreaded school songs. Or maybe you have a corporate anthem too cheesy for words? Tell us the alternate words you and your friends sang so that we can too.

(, Thu 27 Jan 2005, 10:02)
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Easy lover
... I always sing it as greasy lover

My boyfriend likes the Jennifer Paige song "It's just... a little thrush"
(, Fri 4 Feb 2005, 8:50, Reply)
Up the Gary
apologies if someone's done it first...

simply exchange 'leader' with 'paeder' in Paul Gadd's 'Leader of the Gang' - 'I'm a paeder, I'm a paeder' etc etc. 'I'm the man who put the bang in gang'.

Ugh. So true.
(, Fri 4 Feb 2005, 8:42, Reply)
Wrong words weply
Adam Ants, "Friend or Foe"
" I want those who get to know me,
To become admirers or my enemies."

Rewritten for the real life as...
" Said that she was gonna blow me.
I think i'd rather have a enema."

Sir Elton sings it real
" Cause losing everything.....
Is just like your son going down on me ...

How about a little Motown mandatory drug testing?......
" Cause if you want to know if he's doing blow....
It's in his piss."

Sammy Davis sing Candyman in a 9/11 tempo.......

" Who can jack some airplanes? ...Crash em in your town ?
Hide out in a cave and watch your buildings come down?"
" The Taliban can, The Taliban can."
" The Taliban can, cause they're fucked-up in the head,
and want us all to drop dead."

" Who can take some anthrax? ...and drop it in the post ?
And with a little luck from Allah you will soon become a ghost?"
" The Taliban can, The Taliban can. "
" The Taliban can, cause they hate the infidels.
and want us all to go to hell."

And instead of a scarecrow without a brain, What if Dorothy had met a white trash, trailer park, crack addict? The lyrics for the song
"If I Only had a Brain." would most likely be changed to something more like this......
" I raped my daughter, her name's Sally.
And I smoke crack in the alley.
And I talk shit cause I'm high.....
....da doo da doodley doo. "
" I'm unemployed like a negro.
I got Charlton Heston's ego."
" I'm a White Trash Trailer Guy. "

All in all I think Robert Palmer said it best when he sang.........
" You're gonna have to face it, You're A Dick Head in love."

(, Fri 4 Feb 2005, 6:41, Reply)
man i suck at songs
"Blinded by the light
Wrapped up in a deuche
and the mother fucking fight!"

Sorry Bruce, I totally butchered your song..

correct lyrics are as follows:
And she was blinded by the light
Cut loose like a deuce, another runner in the night
(first post yay)
(, Fri 4 Feb 2005, 4:56, Reply)
Have another :)
To "My Old Grey Mare" I present what I remember of the Roadkill Song

Great green globs of greasy grimey gopher guts
mutilated monkey meat
little birdies dirty feet
(I forgot some lines here)
all in a bucket of blood
(, Fri 4 Feb 2005, 4:31, Reply)
sorry emadex, it was sir- mix a lot...
but it would have been better if mc hammer had done it!
(, Fri 4 Feb 2005, 4:03, Reply)
We like Pink Floyd and mums
I have just come..comfortably in your mum.

Caused me to get slapped across the back of the head that one did.
(, Fri 4 Feb 2005, 1:58, Reply)
While playing Counter strike I began singing
'i'm the urban spaceman baby, I kick ass'
(, Thu 3 Feb 2005, 23:43, Reply)
Incey Wincey Spider
For some reason the other day in the kitchen whilst making late-night pasta my friend Anthony randomly sang "Incey wincey spider climbed up the Tony's spout..." God knows what kind of conversation we were having.
Without thinking I continued with "Down went the Richard and sucked the spider out" (I honestly have no idea where that came from.)

Seconds later Tony and Rick, who was also in the kitchen, put me in the bin arse-first. Apparently I deserved it.
(, Thu 3 Feb 2005, 21:52, Reply)
Cradle of Filth
What exactly IS he on about in Nymphetamine? sounds to me like:

#Sixty pence and I resist you
A hearty chinchilla tissue
Sexual assault in tunnel vision
I'm goin' fishin
Grr, Nymphetamine#
(, Thu 3 Feb 2005, 20:11, Reply)
school hymns
just replace any or all verbs or nouns in hymns with 'butter'. it's not very good, but passes the time in those long RC masses.

"shower us with your butter, etc."
"butter him and bless his butter"
so on
(, Thu 3 Feb 2005, 18:05, Reply)
I think that song had the inspired title of "a la la la long", and it was by inner circle.

(hides face in embarrasment for knowing that)
(, Thu 3 Feb 2005, 18:02, Reply)
"Don't push too far cos you've got Vagina in your hands"
(, Thu 3 Feb 2005, 17:46, Reply)
...the faintly amusing bit is that you reckon MC Hammer sang it...
(, Thu 3 Feb 2005, 15:49, Reply)
The innocence of youth
Aaahhh. The good old "misheard carol songs". I used to sing "Har the Herald angel sings" and wondered for a long time precisely who this "Har" was and why he wasn't mentioned elsewhere in the nativity story.

Also in Away in a Manger I thought that "Little Lorjesus" was an alternative epithet for the baby.

Here's an absolute classic:
A small child was drawing a lovely picture of the nativity at school. He had drawn Mary, Joseph, little baby Jesus, shepherds and animals....and a giant blob in the middle. When asked what said blob was supposed to represent, the child replied, "That's round John Virgin".
(, Thu 3 Feb 2005, 15:42, Reply)

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