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This is a question Spoilers

The Hedgehog From Hell says: "I shared a house in England with a couple of Germans in 1999. I was watching Star Trek: Deep Space 9 on BBC2. One came into the room and saw Jadzia Dax on the screen and said 'Oh! Is she still alive? You're really far behind in this country.' What's been ruined for you, and how? Apart from QOTW, obviously"

(, Thu 6 Jun 2013, 13:29)
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On the subject of my work
Probably the best spoiler I ever witness was for the benefit of a young 12yr old Ian (not real name). A young messer committed to a secure unit for constantly running away. The unit itself was secure in the sense that it was surrounded by a massive security fence and all the doors on the unit were locked.

Anyways young Ian had managed to snatch a set of keys but hampered by the fact he had to unlock every door had simple managed to make it as far as the visitor toilets and promptly locked himself in there. Being a visitor's toilets it was tailored for both sexes. Being a messer young Ian had a habit of putting things in his mouth for attention.

Having managed to kick the door in Ian was removed to the sitting room were someone spotted a string hanging from twixt young Ians lips....

The male staff were removed from the room but we all gathered at the window to see one of the girls kneel beside Ian and calmly explain the facts of life. Upon hearing this most vivid of spoilers Ian vomited.
(, Tue 11 Jun 2013, 14:50, 4 replies)
This must win!
(, Tue 11 Jun 2013, 14:52, closed)
I concur.

(, Wed 12 Jun 2013, 8:20, closed)
We are all adults around here
and you don't have to mince around with euphemisms. Just come straight out -- Mong eats tampon and chucks it up --
There, doesn't that feel good.
(, Wed 12 Jun 2013, 2:58, closed)
In fairness to him
He wasn't a mong. Just innocent.
(, Wed 12 Jun 2013, 9:39, closed)

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