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This is a question Stalked

Have you been stalked? Or have you done the stalking? Is that you in the bushes outside with the nightvision goggles?

(, Thu 31 Jan 2008, 15:40)
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I was walking home through Victoria Park in Manchester late at night, which is never the most sensible of things to do. I fell into step behind a young woman, and being a young and naive prick, I was amused to think that she may perceive me to be a stalker/mugger/nasty piece of work, so I didn't cross over the road or overtake her,or do any of the courteous things one might do to reassure someone in that situation. I got a perverse sensation of power from it too, and I could sense her anxiety. Well anyway, she escaped when I eventually turned off to walk up another road.
I turned into an alleyway to take a shortcut and was promptly mugged by two guys with knives. I've never heard of someone deserving to be mugged before, but I certainly did.
(, Sun 3 Feb 2008, 10:25, 3 replies)
I dunno
about DESERVING to be mugged! I don't think anyone DESERVES to be mugged... apart from Paul McCartney (Prick!)
(, Sun 3 Feb 2008, 14:23, closed)
Don't know about a mugging...
... but you certainly deserved some kind of badness to happen to you for getting pleasure from this girl's obvious discomfort, although it seems that you feel this way too.
(, Sun 3 Feb 2008, 19:54, closed)
well done
I am satisfied that this should require no self-righteous responses.

A good, self-contained answer and no need for name-calling; there should be more of this in the world.
(, Mon 4 Feb 2008, 18:09, closed)

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