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This is a question Stalked

Have you been stalked? Or have you done the stalking? Is that you in the bushes outside with the nightvision goggles?

(, Thu 31 Jan 2008, 15:40)
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Was I a stalker?
I used to walk past the same bloke every day on my way to work, did so for weeks, and we had got to the point of smiling while walking past each other (no alterior motive on my part it just seemed stupid to ignore him), then on to a small nod of greeting. One morning however I tried to break down a barrier....I spoke ....shock horror.
I never saw him again and I always wonder if he thought I was stalking him.
(, Mon 4 Feb 2008, 14:36, 7 replies)
Don't keep us in suspense....
...what did you say to him?



'I want to bear your children'

This could give us a clue as to his disappearance.
(, Mon 4 Feb 2008, 14:48, closed)
Only in england
could politeness to people we meet every day be considered 'stalking'
(, Mon 4 Feb 2008, 16:38, closed)
^too true
If it was Norn Ireland you would've had the whole personal history and worked out how you were related to each other.
(, Mon 4 Feb 2008, 17:39, closed)
If I remember correctly it was a cheery mornin'!
Why is it only people over 70 who don't look at you like you're insane if you dare to talk to them?
(, Mon 4 Feb 2008, 17:48, closed)
I've always
Said hello to people I pass in the street, even if I don't know em. I live in a small village but even here I often get odd looks. Don't do it in town though, not a nutter
(, Mon 4 Feb 2008, 19:31, closed)
It is so much different in the US
in my part of the country, it is expeted that you say hello to complete strangers if you pass them while walking......and wave at people you drive past when on streets with very little traffic. If you are at a store, you will generally make small-talk with quite a few strangers. That is just the southern way of life.
(, Tue 5 Feb 2008, 1:27, closed)
i say hello to everyone when i'm pissed
i also like to go up to the ones that give me weird looks and say things like "beware of toffee-boiling dwarfs" or "i claim this land in the name of queen isabella and king size bed".
(, Tue 5 Feb 2008, 1:39, closed)

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