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This is a question Where is the strangest place you have slept?

'lardaholics anonymous' was bored and started a new question over in the old question, so the least we can do is make it official. What with New Year's celebrations coming up, asking for the strangest place you have slept is nicely appropriate too.

In case you are wondering, Portsmouth beach in the fog. Very strange waking up to that.

(, Fri 29 Dec 2006, 8:57)
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The New Forest ...in winter
Me and me mates thought it was a good idea* to go camping in the New Forest in the middle of winter.

*May be a bad idea

All went well, we had a campfire, guitar and alcohol... Infact some of us had rather too much alcohol (there's always one), more specifically, me. I think by the end of the night, I polished off an entire bottle of baileys, a few beers and some absynth mmmm.

Normally, I'd be dead to the world after this amount of happy juice but it was that damn cold that I still felt kinda sober...

Anyway, everyone crept off to bed and I snuggled into my sleeping bag which felt rather warm at the time.

Skip forward to sunrise and things are a little different... A mist had enveloped the site we had chosen to pitch our tents on, a frost had formed on those little lumps of grass you get in the New Forest, it was bitterly cold and i had no feeling in my toes, my head was spinning and I could see a nasty hangover on the horizon, but this wasn't out-of-the-ordinary, the weird thing was the ponies SURROUNDING OUR TENTS...

As you can imagine, a large group of ponies (20 or so) investigating our tents kinda freaked me out at the time.

Didn't really have much time to think about it though cos I had to make a quick trip to the woods and I didn't really care what stood in my way...

After much chundering and finding new uses for leaves the ponies had left us for more interesting things like the frozen lake...

Anyway kids I learnt that night that alcohol doesn't warm you up, infact it makes you colder... especially in the morning! And, I also learnt that ponies are strange, fickle beasts...

I don't appologise for anything, I am perfect in every respect*

*may be complete tosh
(, Sat 30 Dec 2006, 20:20, Reply)

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