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This is a question Strict Parents

I always thought my parents were quite strict, but I can't think of anything they actually banned me from doing, whereas a good friend was under no circumstances allowed to watch ITV because of the adverts.

This week's Time Out mentions some poor sod who was banned from sitting in the aisle seats at cinemas because, according to their mother, "drug dealers patrol the aisles, injecting people in the arm."

What were you banned from doing as a kid by loopy parents?

(, Thu 8 Mar 2007, 12:37)
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Countless years ago when I was a child of 16 (three), I had a good friend in school called, and for the sake of protection, lets say, Robert. One weekend when his parents were to be out of the house, he invited me to stay overnight. I got on well with this lad and was one of my best mates, so happily agreed.

Said to parents on Friday "Going to stay at Roberts tommorow", to which they werent too fussed about and just said "thats nice". However, over dinner, father asks me why I was invited to stay the night, to which I replied "His parents are out". As soon as meal was finished, he took me upstairs to have what he told me was going to be "a serious talk".

Basically, he was worried about his parents not being there, in case there was a fire in the house or something : I thought of this in my head as just being regular parent worries, and assured him we would be fine. However, next question was : "Has Robert ever touched you in a place you didn't want to be touched?". I responded "No, of course not!". Next of course was "Is Robert straight?". I responded "Yes". However, these answers weren't enough to convince him it was a good idea, so they wouldn't let me go! I spent the next 2 hours trying to formulate something else to say to Robert when he asks why I couldn't stay than "My Dads afraid you'll bum me".

You know what the REALLY scary thing is about this? I only recently got talking to him again after we lost contact when we were 17 (im 19 now) and he is completly 100% openly gay, has a boyfriend and everything. Did I mention he resembles a beach ball? Might have actually narrowly escaped that one...
(, Mon 12 Mar 2007, 2:31, Reply)

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