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This is a question Strict Parents

I always thought my parents were quite strict, but I can't think of anything they actually banned me from doing, whereas a good friend was under no circumstances allowed to watch ITV because of the adverts.

This week's Time Out mentions some poor sod who was banned from sitting in the aisle seats at cinemas because, according to their mother, "drug dealers patrol the aisles, injecting people in the arm."

What were you banned from doing as a kid by loopy parents?

(, Thu 8 Mar 2007, 12:37)
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Kia Ora orange squash
I was never allowed to drink this because, according to my mother, "You've seen the stains it makes on your Tshirt. What do think it's doing to your insides?"

Stomach acid was not something I'd heard of at age 7. My mother was, and indeed still is a weirdo.

Oh, and I wasn't allowed to watch Grange Hill or Rentaghost in case I was corrupted. And while I'm ranting, just what IS "too short notice"?
(, Wed 14 Mar 2007, 19:20, Reply)

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