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This is a question Stupid Dares

I once dared my mate to eat one of those blue cakes out of a urinal. He won his 50p, and got his stomach pumped into the bargain.

Stupid dares, eh?

(, Thu 1 Nov 2007, 11:22)
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Face plant dad
This was probably one of the funniest things i've ever seen my dad do in my life. As a kid I always looked up to my dad as a sporty preson that didn't really make a hash of things.

A few years ago I went on about a 30 mile bike ride with him and we were getting towards the end of it (about 2 miles away) when we cut down this muddy track. It had been raining quite heavily for about a week before so the ground was muddy but only slightly. We arrived at a little section of what can only be described as a bog. It had about 3 inch wide raised planks of wood across it that stretched for about 30 feet.

Right, thought I, I dared him to cycle across it all the way to the other side. Once you were going there was nowhere to stop otherwise you were going in the mud (that didn't LOOK very deep) either side of the planks.

I put my bike on the plank and pushed the pedals round once and managed to bodge my way across, just. Next up is my dad who sets his bike up, pushes off but doesn't pedal hard enough, takes a wobble, then his front wheel falls off the plank and drops about 6 inches into the mud. The thing is it just kept sinking and my dad gets catapulted head first over the handlebars. He lets out a little squeal and then lands face first in the wet, foot deep mud. He's on all fores with his face and body absolutely covered.

I couldn't stop laughing so hard that I nearly wee'd! It still makes me laugh writing this now.

Apologise for length but i'm afraid God just gifted me with a big one.
(, Thu 1 Nov 2007, 13:38, Reply)

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