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This is a question Surprise!

Herb Alpert's Taxi Driver asks: Ever given granny a heart attack on her 90th birthday or knocked down the wall between the living room and kitchen by mistake before the wife gets home? Tell us tales of surprises and their fluffy and/or messy endings.

(, Thu 4 Apr 2013, 12:10)
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My cousin once replaced the Rod Stewart CD in my Gran's CD player with a Metallica CD. She got quite a surprise when she went to listen to Rod that night...
(, Thu 4 Apr 2013, 17:38, 3 replies)
That's nothing - my dad once replaced all my New Model Army CDs with John Denver ones.

(, Thu 4 Apr 2013, 17:46, closed)
That's just cruel.

(, Thu 4 Apr 2013, 19:28, closed)
I left a knife in the fork drawer.

True story
(, Thu 4 Apr 2013, 19:35, closed)

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