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This is a question DIY Techno-hacks

Old hard drive platters make wonderfully good drinks coasters - they look dead smart and expensive and you've stopped people reading your old data into the bargain.

Have you taped all your remotes together, peep-show-style? Have you wired your doorbell to the toilet? What enterprising DIY have you done with technology?

Extra points for using sellotape rather than solder.

(, Thu 20 Aug 2009, 12:30)
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"This one time I hooked the lawnmower to my Nintendo, and now I get the high score every time!"
I'll have plenty of stories this week.

I used to drive a 1977 Toyota Corolla. It was a rust heap when I bought it, and the New York weather and the salt they put on the roads had done it no favors during the time I owned it.

One night I hit a deer with it- a story in itself- and the deer's head buckled the hood and cracked the radiator, and her body smashed in the passenger side door. Wearing gloves the next day I managed to straighten the door out enough to open it again and even got the hood to lay reasonably flat- but the radiator was another matter altogether. I had to replace it.

The auto parts store wanted $120 for a new one, which at the time was far outside of what I could afford. There was, however, a guy in town who had a number of old Corollas that he kept as parts cars to keep one of them running. He agreed to let me have a radiator for $20, if I took it out myself.

It turned out that the one I took it from had the fan mounted on the engine, where mine had an electric fan. I managed to get the fan mounted on the new radiator, but the sensor had nowhere to go.

I ran a wire inside the car and hooked it to a light switch that I attached to the dashboard. If the temperature gauge went up I switched it on.

It was still that way when I sold it...
(, Thu 20 Aug 2009, 17:43, 3 replies)
I've just been told that my ancient Toyota Carina (forerunner of the Corolla, in the UK, anyway) has failed its MOT (certificate of road-worthiness). It would cost around £500 to get it through, and as I only paid £450 for it three years ago...

Just passed 233,000 miles and now only good for the junk-yard. Still, I'm going to keep driving it until the tax runs out - waste not, want not, that's what I say.

All the best,

(, Fri 21 Aug 2009, 14:59, closed)
Failed it's MOT?
Then it's not roadworthy and you're breaking the law by driving it.
(, Tue 25 Aug 2009, 13:43, closed)
Sold it
Some maniac gave you money for a car that you described as a rust bucket
before you hit a deer or doe? with it


Still those Corolla engines go for ever, maybe he had a techno hack of his own planned.
(, Mon 24 Aug 2009, 15:17, closed)

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