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This is a question I Drank Meths (pointless teenage things you did to shock)

As a teenager I spent a whole summer bare-foot to show I wasn't going to bow to rules imposed by society.

(soon forgot all about that idea when the pavements got icy, I tell you)

I was telling a friend this when he trumped my story - he used to put water in a meths bottle and drink it in public. See, that'll bring down society.

What similarly classy nonsense have you got up to in the name of rebellion?
Apologies for accidentally closing this question earlier

(, Thu 19 Jul 2007, 12:07)
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Doing Lines
Whilst a moody teenager, I was sat in McDonalds with my then-boyfriend and a load of mates. After we'd eaten, my chap and his best mate emptied some white powder onto the table and started chopping at it with their bank cards. Now, we were only 15 and I was a whiter-than-white good two shoes. There were a lot of mothers with young children sat around watching this horror unfold in a seemingly innocent family 'restaurant'. They arranged the powder into lines and, much to the onlookers horror, snorted it.

A few walked out in disgust, before they opened their hands to reveal sherbert straws. The [email protected] had only snorted sherbert. Which they regretted when they started foaming at the nose in an almost rabies-like manner.
(, Fri 20 Jul 2007, 21:47, Reply)

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